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I got them in the BLM bundle and I really like them. in fact, here are a few I added so far:

genre: card game, platformer, casual, survival, twin stick shooter, rpg, beat them up,fps, strategy, puzzler, adventure

mechanic: ragdoll physics, stealth, mutually exclusive decisions, item durability, random events, environment control, no basic attacks, health is money, diegetic only UI, crime system, permadeath, fast movement

environment: small city, space, other planet, a metropolis, frozen wasteland, forest, antiquity, castle

style: photo, vibrant, old 3D, voxel, limited palette, 1 bit, extra juicy, realistic, vector, bleak, cartoon, silouhette

wildcard : running gag, environmental hasard, weak point, silent protagonist, quiet day, cozy, sense of urgency, several endings, short play session, tea/coffee available, ALL the money

I'll make other ones, by the way, can you tell me which font and settings you used, so that mine don't stick out too much?


Thank you so much for your comment, I'm so happy that you're enjoying these! I've just updated the upload to include the .psd file that I used, so I hope this helps you to create your own! The font used is called 'Bahnschrift' if  you need to download it.

Thanks once again, have a great day! :)


Thanks. I already have that, guess it comes with Photoshop ^^