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Marios Vas

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Nice visuals! I'm amazed with the floating balls and the maze!

Interesting story! I lost in the temple and when respawned I couldn't attack. But it's ok.

I laughed a lot with the dying slow mo effect!

Thanks, if I had more time I would have polished the architecture and add more vfx!

I 'll check the second game you mentioned! Thanks for trying my game!

Cool graphics, music and aesthetic. I enjoyed the puzzles, too. I played 3 times and now I have to visit my doctor.

haha yes,  I fixed that in the Updated version.. You should check it out!

Thanks for trying my game!

👍👌✌ Nice work! Ringing the church bell was a nice detail!

Indeed, I had to implement a car flipped/stacked check but I hadn't any idea how to do it in a few hours. I'll find a way for the future. 

I'm sorry you got stack in the first bombs and yes I should have thought the case that the player is speed running so the music would not overlay the voice. I couldn't find also a quick level reset and respawn solution so you don't have to begin each time from the beginning. I guess I need more practice. 

Anyway, thanks again!


I updated my game to a more stable version.

It would be great if you lived John's weird day, now!


haha, that's unfortunate


thanks a lot for your feedback.

I uploaded a newer version of the game. 

I hope now it's better.