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Mario Barone

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Hey mate, thanks so much for checking out Boy Lay Bear!

This was a 5 week assignment attempting to tell a narrative through the environment/visuals/sound effects without relying on dialogue or text. I'm not sure about the future plans for BLB but I love the support :) 

That being said, this idea is something I' want to explore to the fullest extent one day, so it makes me very happy to hear you want more!

PS: Those two kids are me and my bestie from when we were kids. Yes his shirt says Australia :D


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Awesome Stuff mate, getting a strong Beginner's Guide vibe which is super cool :)

Hello lovely Earthlings!

My Name's Mario Barone, I'm an aspiring Game Developer by dream and a Game Designer by study, I also have a pretty decent 3D art background.

I've uploaded my first short "game" and I'm always looking for feedback to improve.

Come check it out if you have about 60-120 seconds spare :)