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it pretty fun and cute Alpha, I like how it have the theme + laugh of Pekora in the near end of the game. :3

this is short and fun "bgm" game of pekora :^)

Yeet the hope  :^)

nice megaman -vibe game :3

the animation and movement surprising fluid and smooth
the control a little confusing, the grabbing move I not fully control it, it kinda like stucking after grab an enemy :3

it interesting to put 3 kind of games in one, funny character.
at the moment, the downside it the the buttons statis, can't remap it. with Y too close moving button on wasd kinda tricky for control. the game with kiara level kinda easy tired finger as it need press the shooting button several times

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the game really cute with relaxing music, :3

it kinda hard to use mouse to direct the attack as it not stay the same attack way during pog thorns. Also it will better if you have more instruction about how to attack and pog. By the way I can't change the widow size  when in window mode 

pretty fun menu intro song and gameplay, it still rough and I waited to see the better version in future , bcz so motvated!

it nice, it may alot better if Reine actually talk (as her troll wae) :))

Just finished 0.2 version, it improve alot compare to the first version overall: magic damage balance, no more character class bug, have mechanic to know more details of characters and equipment. I really looking forward next update :^) 
ps: pretty appreciate of details each equipment and character profile you put in, nice reference also kinda help me know more holo girls :3 

pretty fun game :^)

Hi, I just reach the stage of Polka, the little funny thing is when I choose to fight secret boss in that map, it suddenly go straight to Nene map. So I wonder is it a skip Polka map or I will just back to Polka map later on? 

I failed Shubagalion for 4-5 attempts and then my tactic is: everyone save Unison skill for Shubagalion :))
Also thanks for advices, it take a while for me to know Reines is in this maze to finish this map, when the map view quite narrow make things harder :))

Hi, I'm came to the part first time to Hololive office map, but seem like can ask other Hololive girls aside Holo Myth girls join the party.
Also, when I can upgrade class girls? also the Gacha machine + Level up place? As somehow I stuck with Subaru stage, she too strong for the party lv 27

o7 Kaichou 

I see you are a kaigai niki of culture as well

prety fun game, I died few times to know how the game work :))

thanks bunchs :3

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fINAlly, the full version has release!
btw how to download the game this time? 
I tried to go "Version 0.1.0 Release Fix" and  "Release Version 0.1.0!!!", it look like have file/link to download there but nothing happen when click it (or rather can't even click it)?

this game is 10/10 about horror but cute and funny at the same time :))

I really sorry to hear this, as much I love this game but hope you not meet the same thing again. This may take a lot of time and effort but I pray that you can get well in the future.

I really looking forward it :))
Btw, maybe you can adjust a little magic damage, because compare to normal attack, magic damage too weak, even after I use Ina with weapon pick from secret room, it damage so low :3

after few days, I just finished the demo, the bug that cause girls classes change, it make their ability and equipment hardly to use (Gura use sword, Kiara use gun and Ina can't use staff anymore).  This stff only little okay after reach to the Office map where change characters and their class back as normal.

Also good to see you even put every other char aside HoloEn and can switch them, it fun interesting when you can change leader to change the dialogue with other characters :3

The maze of first floor kinda confused me little bit and it kinda funny when senchou things around that floor. The second floor like japan quiz which is I haven't research way to solve it yet. Also it kinda funny when dialogue between calli and marine when both side not in da same language :))

hope the game will finish in someday :3

The update with save it make me more easier to enjoy this, great update.
This make me more eager and eager to see the complete version in future :))

I just finished V0.101, pretty neat (except my potato laptop quite laggy), the problem is I cant trade or upgrade stat at the savepoint, so it make 200 currency farmed not useful at all :))