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Hi there, thank you so much :-) It was so much fun to work on and I'm really glad you enjoyed playing it. Yes, it is tricky trying to find all the unlockables, as one of the team's artists I still haven't found where the designers hid them all.. I will continue hunting for them  :-) 

This looks so good :-) I love it! 

I LOVE THIS :-). The art style is so cool and its really fun to play! Never thought carbon would be able to make me smile :-)

This is delightful!! really lovely job. :-)

this is brilliant! its so different from everything else.

Fabulous job, the art is fantastic!

The voice over on this is so good ! :-)

I love how creepy this is :-) 

I absolutely love your artwork :-)

Really beautiful game :-)

Thank you so much :-) 

Thank you very much :-) 

Thank you very much, i'm really glad you liked it. :-) .

Definitely something to consider for the sequel! :)

thank you very much :-)

thank you really glad you enjoyed it :-)

Yay thank you :)

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Thank you very much, he was inspired by a good friend of mine :)

Yay I'm so glad you found it relaxing that is the vibe we were going for :-)

Thank you so much, i'm really happy you enjoyed it. It was a fun challenge trying to get all our elements to work cohesively together :-)

Thank you very much,thats so nice to hear, I'm really glad you enjoyed playing it too :-)

thank you very much, it was a really fun game to work on.

Thank you , thats really nice to hear :-)

thank you so much :-). 

Oh thank you so much i'm so glad you enjoyed it and noticed things like the shadows as getting them in the game turned out to be one of the trickier parts. I really liked Grandma's Ghosts it was so funny and the art work really works well with the story! 

Thank you very much. Your game looks phenomenal, I will definitely be checking it out (-:

thank you so much, its really good hearing other peoples thoughts on it (-:

Thank you :-) 

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Thank you so much thats really nice to hear , I will make sure and check out space beat :-)

Thank you :-)

This is so good! Loving it.