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Mariam Ahmad

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I played this game for Huetopia's Pride Brunchathon (VOD) and this is soooo much fun playing woodland creatures in a baking show! It was rules-lite and easy to play, and just as easy to run/facilitate. I love the prompts listed for character creation, and there's enough room to be inspired, but also make things up yourself. I look forward to running this in the future :)

I ran this game for stream as part of Huetopia's Pride Brunchathon (VOD). This was such a fun game to channel your inner Food Network game/competition show contestant, and really easy to run after reading the instructions. I appreciate the variant rules included to shake things up and for replayability. 

Unrelated (but kind of related): if you plan on playing this game as part of a live-stream or podcast, it will be easier if the facilitator plays the role of 'MC' and not being a player vs juggling all three roles of MC/Chef/Judge (learn from my folly!).