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Hey Vagrantarch,
Thank you so much for the feedback. 
I see that there's a mistake in the description of the overcoming complications, it should be "roll a single die and choose the attribute that better fits your description. If the result is lower than your attribute, you overcome it." Later I'll update a new version with that fixed.

I also add that it's in our mind to flesh out this game, make it more tidy and beautiful to look at. That was a very fast a simple craft to the #YourMoveJam.

If you have any feedback you would like to add, please don't hesitate to contact us again. 

Cheers from Portugal [[]]

Hi Kumada1

I'm sorry for the late answer. First of all, thank you so much for your feedback. It is very valuable to the team! 

Dirty Town Quickstarter is indeed a small sample of the Dirty Town Kickstarter, which was sucessfully funded at Zinequest2. 

"This is the Quickstarter version of Dirty Town, a sucessfully funded #Zinequest2 Kickstarter campaign."

We are currently finishing the last details of Dirty Town's writting and your feedback is perfect to make it the best it can be for both backers and future supporters. 

The Zine will have a full and clear explanation of the rules and how to play it, as also illustration to guide more easily new players, just like you suggested!

Regarding of how you houseruled the game, it a almost perfect fit of our we intend the game is to be played, but instead of "If at least one player spent kernels equal to or greater than the TN" it is suposed to be the sum of all player's kenernels VS the TN set by the DM. 

" The kernels are summed and the DM reveals the AC. If the

corn kernel sum is equal or higher than the AC, the challenge is overcome. Otherwise, consequences are due - either Cornditions are applied or toes are lost forever. "

Regarding the Tier of bets, it's just a simple indication to let other players know if your bet is low or high. Example:

There are 4 players. The first 3 players make high bets. You, as the last player, may choose to make a low bet (and save some of your Kernel for later) since there is a very hight probability that the Challenge is overcome with all the high bets announced before yours. 

Anyway, thank you so much for the recommendation, though this is just a very tiny glimpse of what the full Dirty Town is. Dirty Town will have up to 40 A6 pages of content and 2 extra zines titles "Corny Adventures Volume 1 & 2" full of addapted movies from pop culture. 

Please check the Kickstarter page to follow the updates by clicking HERE.

Hello JoguinhosHard, sorry for the incredibly late response (somehow got lost in our notification panel!).

We have some Portuguese and some English content. We thrive to both aim for the Portuguese and International RPG scene and that's why we mainly produce games written in English. Anyway, check our Stranger's Smile, Tower of Arcana and Invenção Goblin for Maré Baixa Portuguese games!

Hope I was useful and have a nice day.

Wow, thank you so much for your feedback La Rôlisterie. Your words were a perfect fit for Tower of Arcana's design intention. We really want to make deep and introspective experiences with ToA.

Regarding the difficulty of interpretation, we totally understand that and we also had similar feedback from other experiences. We are currently working on a video to explain and help new players to get into it more easily. 

Thank you so much for the kind words La Rôlisterie. The game itself was really designed to initiate newcomers without the heavy-lifting rules from other traditional games. Hope you had a blast with it!

Hi! We're Maré Baixa, a portuguese ttrpg indie publisher, and we would love to contribute with 3 of our games! We know that we're late but would love to help anyway. 
- Dirty Town: 
- The Orc and the Pie:
- Tower of Arcana:
Thank you so much for making this. 

Muito bom. Continua o bom trabalho!

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John, thank you so much for the incredibly kind words. That compliment is beyond anything we could imagine to read. I hope you have GREAT FUN with this game and any other of our humble collection. Hugs from Portugal 

Hi Nicolas,
French edition is up now! Thank you so much for your support <3 

Have a nice pie!

Hi Bruno,
French edition is up now! Hope you have a lot of fun with it. We would love to get some pictures of some groups playing the game <3 

Thank you so much for your support and have a nice pie ! 

Hi Bruno,
This last few weeks have been very busy due to holidays and we are also working on a spanish version and soon release BOTH versions of the game in the same day. 
We might have it finished in the next week or so. 

Thank you so much for your patience and helping us out with the awesome french version of the game <3 

Also, happy new year !

Adoro a expectativa para 2020, vamos com isso!
Mar Adentro, Espaço Adentro...mas que isco malandro meu caro. 

Continua o bom trabalho !

I also would LOVE to have a zine! Actually more than one, to distribute here (in Portugal) among the RPG community <3 ! 

Hi again Nicolas.

Sorry we didn't say anything. André is the one who sees the emails, but since he was on holidays, we kinda miss it out. Thank you for telling us you send it. And even more for doing the translation =D it looks great! you did a great job, man.

As soon as possible we'll do the upload. The front page is fontless - the letters are hand-drawn and we'll do the same for the french version. It deserves it!

Again: thank you!

Thank you for your kind words. I hope you enjoy the Pie as much as that orc does ! <3 

Feel free to share some photos & feedback !

Dear Minakie, thank you for supporting this game even after winning the exclusive physical Portuguese version over at Rolisboa 2019. You'll be receiving an email really soon with a special digital thank you art <3

Hi Jkantor,

Thank you for supporting the Orc and the Pie. Unfortunately sometimes typos happen since we're not native english speakers/writters. But we do our best to improve and correct them. Take a look at the development log - - where we mention that we corrected the typos a couple of minutes after the launch of the game. If you find more of them please tell us!  

Hi Nicolas, thank you so much for your kind words. 
We would love to have The Orc and the Pie translated to French. Could you send the text to our email? and we'll insert it in the current layout of the game <3 

Hi Lucas ! YES Reversi disks look amazing to play !
Thank you for downloading <3

That is a great tool! But do not forget that players making up the adventurers and how they look like (We have played a game where the heart was a banana and the adventurers where monkeys, LOL) is key to the narrative aspect of the game <3 ! 

We are speachless. 
Let's talk about that privately. Can you email us at  
Thank you so much Lucas,  let's do some great things together <3 

Hi dr_max_kurt!
Sorry for taking so long to answer you, we were at a convention (Iberanime LX 2019) playing our games with hundreds of people! 
Regarding your question, you can play in whatever form you find best for your group. We are currently playing like this: each player gathers their dice, then everyone rolls the dice and each player checks their threats effects. 

We are eager to receive your feedback!
Thank you <3

Alien_sunset we just released the B&W version. Once you play it with you next gaming group please gives us some feedback <3 

Have a nice "adventurers defeating" time!

Hi Alien_sunset.

Thank you for asking that! A printer friendly version will be published right this week! We even wrote it at the description so to make ourselfs work on a new lineart for the cover.

Once it's published we'll make a devlog update <3

Hopefully a great sadistic keeper you will be and a legend you will become. Thank you for your words.

Thank you lunchboxrpg! Have you played it? If yes, tell us how it went! If no, please do and gives us feedback afterwards.
We will be taking a look at your "Lair of the Mechanist Gnome" for sure! 

Hugs from Portugal <3

Thank you so much for your kind words Mariano. Please let us know how it went <3

Hey guys we did not release a dungeon pamphlet but a RPG Pamphlet. It's a 2-player RPG with a very poetic and intimate tone. 
Check it out - - and feel free to ask us anything about the game! 

It was our first product as a team and thank you so much Nate for making this Jam <3