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I wouldn't bother writing an entire timeline animation editor, loads of programs already do that.  maybe have it look inside a folder that's named correctly, such as "myCharacterCheerAnimation" and just play the jpeg/png format in sequence. Though, for simplicity's sake... GIFS or a MP4 seems to be the fastest way to achieve the desired goal.  

Possible to implement keys to do animated actions ? Like throw hands up or do a barrel roll ?

Always interested in testing brushes, I'm not a story board artist, but I do like loose drawing. Some of these were pretty strong and may be incorporated in my daily drawing. Cheers for the bundle! 

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Though it would be too time consuming, but see if you some how implemented multiplayer support... I'd be interested in what would happen to the popularity of this software. 

I see photoshop-like programs with multiplayer support gaining huge traction atm, be interesting how a 3D builder would compare with-in this market.

Just a passing thought!  

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Thanks for the comprehensive replay! Much appreciated.

How did you import these into Asset Forge ?

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Thought I'd buy to check out, they pretty good! Though, only 1/2 have been added to my personal library. Very strong brushes!

Great art style! game run fine on a 4k monitor. Game was easy enough to play.

I would recommend changing music on different levels, and maybe different back ground images or just changing colour a little to create different variations.

Great stuff!


Best to avoid downloading - There isn't much of anything.

Looks like a fun multiplayer game! Great artwork!

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Hello to everyone that's reading, just dropping by to say I'm happy to start my journey here. 

Every 2nd week, I will be uploading a game and it's development process, on 

Project 1 has been uploaded. and hopefully many more to come!

Game 1

Come along a check it out! leave a message so we can share ideas or become friends!

Just did some research, interesting little program.

Might just get it! 

Keep up the good work!