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Marcus Moreira

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Amazing this game, I loved this mechanic

I loved it, but I don't survive for long, I died several times hahaha

Emma's Umbrella is a precision platform game where you'll overcome challenges to help our friend Emma get back home.

The demo version lasts approximately 4 minutes and you can play it on your Windows computer using the keyboard or joystick.

The game is still in development and therefore may have some bugs, but feel free to let me know if you find any.

Emma's Umbrella Demo

Wow! I'm really glad you liked the game. Thank you very much

Thank you very much!

This was the first project I did, at the time I didn't know how to do much.

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Amazing!! I loved this sound of rain effects. Can I use them in a commercial project?

Parabéns !!! Ficou muito legal.

Thanks for playing, for the feedback and comments.

Fixed some things, eg collision with wall, menu screen flashes briefly, text explaining mechanics.

On the umbrella shoot, I'm thinking about the best fix and controls I'll set up for playing with a joystick.

Sorry for the delay in responding I was without my computer.

OK. I'm not feeling pressured, I just wanted to give a positive answer.

Thank you very much for the feedback, this is very important to me.

You're helping me get better.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback and comments.

well... actually there were times when I took the collision off the wall, because that block was just a part of the ground, and if I collided it would be pretty easy to climb.

The walls were oozing over them to slide, no keys needed to be pressed.

Sorry for your frustration. And I'm also sorry about my bad English. I had to use a translator to make writing easier.

I will soon try to correct the errors you pointed out.

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You are an amazing artist!! I love your pixel art.

I used this package in a simple project:


I loved your game. great effects and great mechanics