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Thank You for those quickstart instructions. I will now buy your game.

I don't have a physical C64 anymore and play all my games through emulation. I was able to get Metal Dust working in VICE so I think I'm reasonably competent. Comments below seem to be mostly about FlashCarts on OG C64 or reproductions like the Maxi -- what about VICE running on a Windows PC? Would it run Soul Force?

Very good Run & Gun. I love the Contra games except the PS1 ones by Apaloosa. Yes, even Contra Force is OK if you overclock the emulated CPU. Played through Blazing Chrome and Super Cyborg. 

What price point are you considering? I would instabuy for $10.

You could make more tricky situations if you added lock and strafe buttons like Hard Corps Uprising or Contra 3 Alien Wars EX.

I don't think it needs more playable characters.

Does the 2 MB download version include the map and instruction manual?

I am confused. I bought this game for $2 on I thought I was getting the full game. Did I pay $2 for a free demo?

Also, is this a sequel? Regarding the story, I had the sense these were established characters and universe.