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Thank you for the feedback :)

We are glad you enjoyed the little experience :)

Thank you for the kind words! Means a lot :)

Thank you a lot for playing :)

Creepy story! I liked it. But sometimes it's hard to predict what actions will the character perform depending on where you click. Also a button to continue in the text would be a nice quality of life improvement for gameplay like this

Amazing!! It feels so polished. Great job. The art style is incredible and the music is sick!!

I sadly got stuck after I came back from the water for the first time after climbing down the stairs. My game probably bugged? I can't navigate, or dive into a different place

Thank you for playing! I didn't know that game :o Added to wishlist

Thank you so much for playing :) I'm glad you enjoyed it

Thank you so much for hosting this jam and playing my game! I hope to see more in the future as it was so much fun. Also thank you for the feedback c:

Thank you for playing! Yes, I had some struggle balancing the enemy encounters, their difficult and frequency. So, at the end, I couldn't add as much variation as I would have liked. Thank you again for your feedback :)

Thank you for playing :) I've tried to make the game as accessible as possible, if you can tell me what is the system you've had more struggle with, I will appreciate it.

Thank you so much for playing! Water sounds would definitely be a nice addition for immersion.

Very cool concept, congrats! This was the final board for my first game:

Finding wonders is the most exiting part, I would like it if they were more frequent. Finding fishes was too easy in my opinion

No problem, it's very hard to playtest games during jams! Congrats for the submission

Mobile release pls

I loved the models! It was a bit hard to find my way around sometimes because of the darkness and the fact that the environment is pretty homogeneous. But very cool so far, I managed the get the three keys. Adding the option to make them glow is also nice, I think it should be default.

Very cool! I felt smart when I realised I could drop the stick and follow it during the long drops

Very original move mechanics! But I didn't understand why I couldn't go up anymore at the end. I guess because the right-most bar depleted, but I didn't expect that consequence.

Great visuals. Character movement made it very tedious, tho

Good idea, but it's very hard to complete in the given time...

So cool! I didn't expect to get so spooked out at the end

Simple, yet effective! However, I would have liked if I could see at least a little after the battery is gone, so it's not fully random whether I survive or not until I get a battery

Very cool story!

Jajaja muchas gracias! Sí, nos habría gustado hacer más niveles, pero intentamos priorizar que los que teníamos quedasen lo más pulidos posible

Muchas gracias por jugar!! :)

Sweet narración

Jajajaaja. Muy gracioso, se nota que se le ha puesto mimo. Pero hay que revisar la ortografía un poquito! Buen trabajo

Muy elegante! Según te vas volviendo mejor al juego se hace muy satisfactorio. Estéticamente impecable

Me ha gustado mucho!! La intro minimal y muy chula. Y un componente estratégico mucho más profundo de lo que parece en un princpio

Gracias por el feedback, Sergio :) Nos habría encantado haber tenido tiempo para implementar un tutorial interactivo

Gracias por jugar y tu feedback, Marcos!

Gracias por jugar, Znoshim! No s habría encantado haber tenido tiempo para implementar un tutorial interactivo, espero que no te haya sido muy tedioso entenderlo todo!

Ya solo con leer el título sabía que me iba a gustar. La música es muy épica, me encanta

Me ha gustado mucho! Muy original y carismático

Muchas gracias por jugarlo :)

So cool


Amazing game, made me feel really sad before (SPOILER ALERT) delivering the flag and now I just can wonder what else could I've done. Pretty nice work!

I found this game really inspiring, thank you for the expirience. I love the bottle measseges, I wish they were found with more frequency, becouse I found like 3 in the first 4 scenes and then I had to feel alone for the rest of the game :,( But really awesome idea, I also love the art style. keep up the good work!

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I loved it! Those songs and the cute lizard's expressions made me smile constantly while my playthrough. I think the visual part and the soundtrack fit together in a very particular and special way. Great job. I also like simple story, it's funny. The controls original and great, I've seen many comments saying it feels floaty, but I think they are fine.