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Marcel Ravy

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I still need to by Miru 2, but will do next month.
I guess my confusion came due reading as little as possible before playing. Like the fight clubs, when I first read about them I already was in day 25+ (my second village), so I didn't trained them in first third of playthrough.

I guess a second run would be much smoother, once I'm familiar with the system.

Overall, a very nice worldbuilding and tone, pretty different if compared to mudane hexcrawling. The flavour in this is cohesive, and feels like an ongoing story.

Fun fact, I got ruins for the 9 first days straight. I guess I was lucky. Also, got lots of food. I even got in doubt if I need 1 or 3 meal per day.

I started reading and playing with 2nd ED files, but I found skills and combat easier to understand on the old file. Indeed, I guess EP cost for skills is missing in 2nd Ed.

Really great material.

I have a doubt: in expanded map, where the locations came from? Other suplements, or your own creation?

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I had the same problem. I sent an email to support.

Ironicamente, o artista é justamente BR, lol.

I have a pipe dream of running a Phyrexian themed Mörk Borg one shoot. I guess you made this dream some steps closer.

Hi. Big fan here.

I started to translate it to Portuguese as a personal inDesign exercise and for personal use. But I'd like to send you a copy, so you can use it as you see fit.

I just started in this crazy world of soloing RPG, and I can't imagine a better start than Sölitary Defilement. I'm already hyped with this new content.