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Thank you very much for your feedback! :)
Actually there isn't a destisnation, it's just exploration in this version, I'm sorry.

Thank you very much for you feedback. Of course, it would be fantastic! :)

I'm really sorry, this version has a bug that does not allow to continue :(

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Really cool, a bit difficult but fun! I won the game after about 21 attempts of the final level. In general I think it's a great example of how to develop a mechanic (verb) that seems simple but creating new objects! and it's a good way to train your skills to draw with the mouse. :D

I love your music, tutorial and idea, simple and effective! 

Thank you for your feedback! :) 

Cool game! I reached until the last level, only the boss had one pattern, so was easy to win the game. But a really polished game!

Really great game! I enjoyed playing until the last level :D

Thanks for your feedback :) we would have liked to polish it more but we ran out of time. T^T
But we will probably improve it in the next days.

I thought so, anyway thank you for the clarification!  :D

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Hello there!
 Very excited to start the game jam, but I have a question. Can we use the asset Procedural Music Generator? Thanks! :D