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Looks like a party! And we're going to have a ... crabload of fun! *ba-dum-tss*
But seriously, I love the crabs and the sandcastles and the whole beach theme as a whole. Keep up the good work, just don't forget to take some breaks. :)

This is great! Strangely enough, I was looking for a nice cemetery tileset that offers a bit more than just normal graves. It's crazy what an enormous variety your tilesets offer. So, thanks a lot!

The police box ... It's bigger on the inside! 馃槻

馃槀 Sorry, but I couldn't resist.
Great update as always. Thank you!

Very cool! I'm always amazed at how much effort you put into these signs. They give the buildings such a unique and eye-catching look. Also love the spotlights. I immediately thought of using them to call on a certain hero for support ...

Looks great! Can't wait for the finished set :D

Great work as always. <3  I love the clock tower (somehow they always seem so mysterious to me, as if they harbour a secret).

I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Pour yourself a tea or hot chocolate, take a moment to relax and have a great time with your loved ones.

Sounds great! Thanks for the quick reply!

Hey there!

Love your tilesets! Especially the furniture that is a bit askew or the crooked doors. I think it adds a lot of charm that not everything is drawn in a perfect front or side view.

One question: Are you planning to add a winter version of your exterior tileset? I always find it useful to be able to change the seasons (and I love snow). :)

Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

I love these modular buildings. Also these shop signs are amazing! I especially love the music store sign. Thanks for continuing your great work! :D

Happy birthday! Relax, explore, do whatever brings you joy and have a great time. Oh, and btw I love the new buildings! :D

Love these animated objects. It adds so much to the atmosphere when it's not just some characters walking up and down the street. Thanks again for your awesome tilesets.  :D

Thanks for all these great updates. Love the whole camping series. And it's always nice to have some big trees in different shapes. :)

Take care - and stay hydrated. ^^

What a cute idea. It's always fun to find assets that are so creatively different. Thank you also for including different sizes. That's really helpful.

Animated objects always add so much life to a scene. Thanks for another awesome update! Keep up the great work - just don't forget to take care of yourself. :)

Wow. What a great tilesets. I especially love the sunflowers. So cool. <3

What, really? Haha, no I didn't see that, but it's nice to know. Thanks!

What a great demo! I saw one of your posts on the RPG Maker forum and just had to try it out. The maps are really beautiful. I also liked the sprite work and the choice of music. The battle system was fun, too. To be honest, I was quite disappointed when I reached the end, because I wanted to keep playing.

Now I'm very curious about the rest of the story.  Keep up the great work! Can't wait to play the whole game!

Very nice! It's always cool to see assets from different settings. I especially like the "sliced" open look into the hut.

Super cool! I think with a little clean up these graffitis could also be used as some cool school mascots. "Canary High - home of the Smiling Beagles!" (Still working on that name)

Wow! These Zaun tile are a riot! *bad pun detected*
But in all honesty, they look great! I watched Arcane just a few days ago and it's an awesome show. It's so great to see, that so many people appreciate your work - you deserve it! Now I'm very excited to see what you come up with next. :D

What a cool journey this was and what an awesome tileset you have created. This was no small feat and you really can be proud of your work. I will definitely keep an eye open for your future projects.

"See you ... outside"? Does that mean an exterior set comes next? :D

Wow. This is absolutely crazy. I have never seen such a large, versatile tileset like this. And now we almost arrived at the 400th update. Can't thank you enough for all this effort and hard work.

Having these sprites doing all kind of different things is so helpful. <3
I think the "pick up" animation is still my favorite. Thanks again for all the work you put into this set.

A museum is such a great idea! Also I really love these new walls. It's one of my daily rituals to look what awesome new stuff you brought us again and you never disappoint. Thank you!

How sweet! It looks so cozy. Thanks for sharing.

I really love how you show off your new resources with these screenshots. Always found it helpful to see everything in action. And the hospital material is awesome. Are you planning to add a morgue by any chance? :D

Love all your work but this CraftLand series is probably my favourite. Great work!

Over 200 updates already? That's crazy! Honestly I'm blown away by all the work you put into this pack. Thanks again!

Aaaw ...  Love the Valentine's day stuff! So sweet . <3

Looks great! Thank you! <3

I got so excited I didn't even thanked you for the update. I just love pixel horror games. So, as always, thanks a bunch for all the work you put into this pack!

This will probably sound strange but could you maybe add a cooling chamber with meat hooks with and without meat? I think that would be a cool addition for a horror or detective game. Or you could learn how to box the Rocky Balboa way :p

And another awesome update! Cool idea with the numbers display. Works great in an office setting, too. :D

Thank you for all the great additions! I hope you had - and keep on having - a great holiday season.

Awesome as always!

I really love the this new "locked" animation for the doors. Great idea! Thank you.

I just love animated stuff! Thanks again!