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Yes, there’s no web build available.

Hi- what are you stuck on? Have you tried these screenshots?

You should be able to just download, unzip/save somewhere, and open the program by clicking on the turtle icon.

Did step 4 work (ls -> the OutsideVoice_Linux directory name is printed)? Is the folder in the Linux Files directory? If its appearing in those places you should be able to cd into it. Make sure you’re typing the directory name exactly as it appears or is printed

Hi- I've never seen that error before, sorry! You might be able to try some fixes other people have recorded: , or reinstalling the linux partition.

Hey- did you extract the files/save them somewhere first? If you're trying to run it directly from the temp zip folder it might not work.

Yes, unfortunately that means your machine probably has an ARM chip (vs intel) and can't play this game. Sorry ):

Did you get the terminal open (the black program with the white text on step 4/5)? Here are some screenshots of the steps. Unfortunately if your machine has an ARM chip instead of an intel chip, this game won’t be able to run- it’ll display an error message on the last step.

Hi there! On which step does this happen?

Yeah, I’m really, really sorry! I don’t have a good solution to this! When you hit the down arrow the next line doesn’t bold but does it at least play a little sound effect? If it does, even if the next line isn’t bolded can you try hitting space to see if the selection is changed (I am assuming not).  As a last ditch attempt you can try restarting your computer or restarting the game in a different resolution, but unfortunately I’m not sure what’s causing this.

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Up and down arrows? I think a handful of other people have mentioned this as well, and I unfortunately don’t have a good fix for it because I have no idea how its happening. You are stopping on the question selection screen instead of accidentally selecting the first option, right?

You walk up to him and push spacebar! In fact, you can trigger conversations with any of the Losers at any point in the game this way.

HP so I'm assuming Windows OS? If you unzip the file you should be able to open the game by clicking on the turtle icon.

Thank you for playing!

If you play long enough the potion will eventually appear in the shop!

That’s really weird.... might be a bug? Not sure which version you’re playing on.

If you grind games from the beginning, then yes, it should be possible! It definitely does... something

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I still have no idea why the original problem was happening, and also why WASD works (I never...added WASD support but thats FINE) should be you can make choices with up/down arrows (W/S) but I guess its not working for you... what operating system/version do you have again? 

I think linux files just takes some time (a couple minutes for me) to boot up, so I’m hoping thats the case here- otherwise, you might try restarting your computer.

1) It looks somehow you are copy/pasting the text “avadurkin78@penguin” which of course isn’t going to run as a command

2) “ls” as in “lowercase L lowercase S”, not “capital i”!

3) I’m assuming you never successfully pasted the directory (since its not found)...what happens when you click ON the “Linux files” folder in the sidebar (of your first screenshot)? It should be completely empty and then you can paste into it:

And then try the command line steps:

When you right click, is there just no paste option? A screenshot would be helpful!

Did you try the youtube instructions? What mac OS are you running?

Did these steps work?

Can you post a screenshot

Have you successfully downloaded the zip file?

Anyways, I just updated the Linux build with a small logical change there. I don't know if it'll actually help because I can't test it, but let me know how it goes!

Could you try a different resolution (settings->resolution), just for this scene? I think 720 should hopefully still fit on a chromebook screen. I have no idea why this would work, but apparently someone running windows32 who encountered the same problem managed to fix it this way. If not, I'll take a look at the logic and see if I can tighten it up in the evening!

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Hey! This is a very specific question but when Stan gets to the doorway does he do a little growl and shake before he gets stuck? Trying to pinpoint where this might be breaking. I just checked out the latest build on my chromebook in case I accidentally introduced a bug while uploading a patch, but it's not happening for me ):
You can try, just in case:
1) Restarting your computer
2) A different resolution

The files are already there!!

What sort of computer do you have? How old is it?

Can you try the 32 bit version? Even if your computer has 64 bit architecture it should still be able to run the other one.

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The....browser? Are you sure? If you’ve gotten to the turtle icon I imagine you’ve successfully unzipped the file.

I see you’re on Windows. Do you know if you have a 32bit or 64bit operating system? If you could include a screenshot, that would also help a great deal.

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Which operating system? Do you mean the zip file doesn’t unzip, or does your browser crash?

Sorry, I was switching out the files with a bugfix and forgot to unhide the downloads! They’re back now.

Sorry, I was switching out the files with a bugfix and forgot to unhide the downloads! They’re back now.

Ok, cool! The screenshot was actually super helpful. The next line of dialogue includes some garbled/cursed text, which I'm thinking on most machines renders fine but on specific machines.....crashes. I've updated the builds to just use plain text, please download and try again and see if it works!

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Hey! You’re I think the second person (to tell me at least) who gets this persistent crash at this point in the game. Thank you for including this screenshot- so it definitely crashes exactly here? Is it when you try to load the next piece of dialogue, but without it successfully getting rendered?

Oh no, sounds like a bug! Does this happen if you try reloading the game?

Sorry, you'll need a computer to play it!