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This is a cool idea. As an autistic person I just wanted to let you know that most autistic people prefer being called "autistic people" over "people with autism." Most of us feel that our autism is an inalienable part of who we are and we feel that calling us people with autism undermines that and unintentionally validates the viewpoints of those who want to change who we are. Of course every autistic person is different and there are some who are okay with or even prefer person-first language, but they are in the minority.

Have you ever heard of this manga called Blame? Because this program feel like it could have a lot of potential for a game with a similar concept. The technology seems like it would be really good for creating a survival horror sandbox game.

I really like it! If future updates are planned, it would be cool to be able to choose the village's population ourselves, I like how the population is proportionate to the number of houses, which is a problem I ran into with the Fantasy City Generator's integration with Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator. It would also be cool if some features from the city generator were included in this one, like walls and markets and larger population sizes.