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Super expérience minimaliste, ça me fait penser à une sorte de Stanley parable croisé avec Limbo. Grosse atmosphère autant par le son que par le ....jeu(?)!

ça fait pas tellement peur mais c'est oppressant et chelou , l'ambiance est au RDV, on est dans un jeu d'auteur ^^!

Techniquement, je me demandais, mais comment il a fait ça et puis pouf je tombe sur la vidéo explicative....Elle est limite apparu comme le chemin qui se découvre dans le jeu lol 

thank's  for playing !

thank's !

timmmmy !

fun game with complex puzzles ;)

Your game seems my game except the pink style and the direction, that's fun ;)

nice adaptation of the rules....too bad there is no AI, because I lost agaisnt myself ^^

I dont understand the goal but I like the music and design ;)

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I dont like shoot cats except  in your game ;)

lol what is this game! I like the title, and the sound ;)

Puzzles are clever and hard. I like the design, nice color! 

I think the character  is too speed, but the concept seems good !

Its Reversed shoot em up, original idea ! I destroyed 76% of earth, yess !

Very nice design for navigator game, it's impressive ! the puzzle seem simple but it's difficult ! ^^

I seem like a spiderman with this game, it's funny ^^ but i don't understand my objective :/

This game remind me a Game boy videogame^^ puzzles are very clever, nice !

impressive ! Relaxing experience and very clever game!

The animation is great and the game is the sea ! ^^

This game pushed me to become a mason ^^  original concept but not really fun (for me)

When Pac man meet an open world ^^ good idea !

Nice adaption of ...For this jam, I had the same idea but I not realised it ;)

Fun concept! simplist but efficient...what is the nature of the background?

original and ....weird ^^

original Concept , I love eat nugget like assassin duck ;p

Thanks, you can just move with left and right arrow ;)

thanks !

I love the pinballs, your game is simple but I had pleasure with it ;)

simply concept but efficient !

Nice concept for puzzle game, interesting idea !

very interesting concept, it remind me the snake ....with toaster ;)

thanks for playing !!

conceptual Fps, original ^^

Lol very fun but I play against myself ... and I lost!

interesting but very basic !

Concept is very creative ! luckily you put an explanatory GIF ^^

simple and efficient game ! I like the low-necked of the queen ;p

Nice ! very zen concept, the music is so good! the addition of mechanics over the course of the game is appreciable!

2D VS 3D is very original but Animation is so weird ^^ nice concept !

Very cool!  the theme of the jam is respected with intelligence !