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Note by Dev:
Exactly 2 players are required to play this in 1 room. 

Thank you so much. This comment made my day. :)

Thanks so much. For the first time in my game jam history, I have kept with the same name from the beginning. :)

Yes. Culture is the most important trait to have. :D  Thanks for the feedback. :)

hahahaha thanks Anurag. Yes the name was one of the most driving force for me to finish and submit the game. :D

The earlier version that I had, had aggressive enemies in terms of their speed and spawn interval but I felt that it was super difficult and annoying so tuned them down a bit. This is why game testing during development is so important. Thanks for your feedback. :) Glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you so much. :) The game needs balancing true.

Awesome game and a very polished one, I must say. :)

Apart from the speed of the game, it was really great!. :D

I had fun playing this a lot actually. Although it felt a little slow but that was worth the game concept. :)

The game was such a great experience for me. It took me back to the days when I used to play GOONIES on my NES. This has the exact same vibes. :D Thank you. :)

I love when people take meta decisions on the theme. Out of Control. Good one!
Also the point when the control key slid and they started coming out of it, I almost fell laughing from my chair. :D

 I broke the high score. I figured a strategy in this where I was just pressing the U,H,B keys constantly that would just kill all the bugs in all three rows and then I just had to focus on the flying insects. Rest all was covered by just spamming these three keys. I don't know if it was intended but I felt real smart :P

It is such a brilliant game and so well done. Would love to see a full game out of this concept at some point. :)

The art style is amazing! :) It was hard to shoot though for I could not see anyone's bullet.

It was a good idea, but it took me a while to understand the controls.  :)

I loved the music and the MENU!!. The game itself felt nice and quirky to play. Well DONE.

Yes. That was the ultimate goal. When two people are annoyed by a competitive game together, it comes out to be a real nice local multiplayer session and that was the intention for me with this.  Actually the concept that I had in mind was that red animals will rotate your key controls clockwise and blue ones would do anti-clockwise so once you figure this out, instead of getting hit by the red animal thrice again to get back to normal, you can find the path of a blue animal and get hit by that once and save some time in the local multiplayer game. Just an added optional strategy. But I think there is a bug in the collision where it rotates twice and hence you get inverse controls on the same axis. That technically should have happened after two collisions.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yes that could be the name too. I was just highly inspired by the current scenario of dankmemes subreddit for the name of the game. :P

Thank you so much. :)

This was something that was totally unexpected. The point where the player character hit my enemy character, I was in the WOW mode for the concept. This is a superb take on the theme and I would really love to see this as a full fledged game someday. :D

This game too me back to late 90s, the sound, the art. Loved it. :)

What you did was a FOOS strategy I left for the players to figure out, understand and feel good about it. Your comment just made my strategy a success. The reason why I didn't add any health factors was because I though this one mechanic in itself is pretty annoying and might take time to get used to so adding another layer of difficulty will just make the game unplayable for a lot of players.

I did thought of adding some more levels but I had less time.  Since I was the only person developing this and nobody around me plays games, I couldn't get the play testing done for the overall speed of the game. I iterated over it a couple of times and ended up having the one which felt comfortably challenging to me as a player. Thank you such good response, this really cheers me up and provides the best dopamine hit one can get. :)

I am going to play your game now. :D

Thanks for the honest feedback. :)

I thought it will be difficult for the players to understand but now I feel it wasn't that bad. :) Thanks for taking the time out to play my game.

Glad that you enjoyed the game. :)

Thanks for feedback. Appreciate it. :)

Hey thanks for the feedback.
Great that you love the concept. :)

I had a lot of ideas in my head for the difficulty including making more levels, but I have learned this the hard way that crunching on the last few hours of JAM always ends up resulting in more bugs than features, so I decided to stop this when it overall felt a good experience. I am planning to take this into a full game sooner or later and your idea for enemies is great. I will surely work on that. Thanks. :)

Yes you can, or you can hit the other type of animal. One updates your controls clockwise, the other anti-clockwise so if your are hit once, you can eventually get back to normal. However if your are playing the split screen local multiplayer mode it is a race between the two players, so time is of the essence then. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the game. :)