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send me a PM and I'll get that for you

also i'm not sure if hexkit is the issue here. the standard hexes from hexkit works just fine.

sure thanks! Just saying that i can't use your tileset and I'd like to. Was thinking of a commercial license but luckily i got the normal one first 

@zeshio would it be possible to look further into the issue? I don't have the competence to try this workaroundand keep not being able to use the tileset

Hex Kit. 

I managed to solve the issue of the rotation, by fiddling with the import window.

But the hexes from the tile set are still bigger than the ones on the grid.

Hi, hexes do not align (mac version). When i have a flat top map, the tileset comes rotated 90 degrees. 

ANd when i have a pointy map, the tiles come flat-top.

They are rotated AND overlapping (too big)

the shop is open now

Hi Daniel, not yet. I will open the pre-order once SprawlScape is printed, aiming for end of September. The Mega Deck will be available on drivethru, keep an eye on this page or KS, will update them when ready. Also, here's an invite for the SS Beta discord let's keep in touch!

Hi there! It was a first attempt to create a system independent from the Network 23 setting, based upon the thoughts mechanic. We found that is better to concentrate on adventures and tools so at the moment the project is dormant. However we are working on making N23 fully Mothership compatible sooner or later

thanks! We did not go through a proper editing, I write what my wife tells me and being from Moscow I still get Os for As. Very much appreciated I will take care when I add to the file! The Urug is a kind of vampire, I think it comes from Afanasyev book so it might have been forgotten or known in a different form. I was aware that nowadays it's forgotten/gone

love this game. Excellent presentation and layout, getting ready to dive in this weekend