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This was a clever take on the theme! I'm glad Satan is kind enough to give you a sword when you die.

If I could offer a slight bit of criticism, the vertical camera control felt a bit "loose" for this sort of gameplay. The game was still playable; I just had to spend a second here or there to re-calibrate my perspective.

I sunk more time into this than expected - I love the upgrade system combined with the one life mechanic! I found myself keeping track of previous runs that failed for some reason or another so I could get a bit further.

The bomb has a 1 second timer. If your reaction time is quick enough, you can drop a bomb and sneak through to another component before the Megataur can land on you.

(That's my lazy way of saying the lack of meticulous constraints in level design became a feature during development :p )

I haven't played many circuit-based games before, but this reminds me of the Wireworld cellular automata!

I had fun figuring out the solutions, but I couldn't find a way to undo a mistake in placing a cell. 

This is a cute game! I also noticed the physics bug, usually encountered near walls while walking into the spring cube, but it never impacted the gameplay.

I probably should have done the same thing - Space to start + no delay means you could jump straight into the enemy at the start.

Thank you! Level generation was something that I definitely had notes on to improve, but those pesky time constraints got in the way :)

I love it, thanks! I'm in a spot to only play browser-based games, but I'll try to review a few!

This is super fun! I only got to wave 6 without knowing about the dash, so I'll probably try again later.

Thanks for doing this!

This is the first game I've made, and I "invented" some lore to go with it.