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so fun and cute

so fun omg

cutest little game omg

i got this same thing too haha

i had this same experience on the downloadable mac version as well!

absolutely adorable game :) love love love <3

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just fill it with coffee from the coffee machine and no milk!

amazingly cute and fun explorative game!!

i usually don't play these types of exploration games but i just spent like a whole 10 minutes running around in this's so dream-like and calming :) <3


absolutely adorable

the cutest short game w/ the most beautiful illustrations!

will you make this available for mac?? 

SUCh a lovely game. really stress relieving, and the illustrations were ABSOLUTELY preCiOUs. love, lOve, LOVE!! <3

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so fun!! reminds  me of this fun app called bread kittens, but this is 100x cuter.

can't play this bc i'm on mac :( but i'm eating mochi rn + thought i'd share :-)

so the normal storage box says it can hold 20 food, but it only stores 10, same with the large box. also for some reason i can't demolish them either? i run on mac osx

cute little game!

i suck so i can't beat it, but great game!!

so relaxing + awesome art!!

hilarious little short game!!

this is such a fun short game

the ending is the best ahaha

cool game, just wish i could skip dialogue for when trying to find the other endings.

hilariously fun game!!!



such an adorable game :) and SUCH a mood booster <3

such a cute game! and the ending was great. amazingly made game! :D

such a fun and well made game! :)

i just loaded up a save from the previous day and it worked!! and no worries haha. thanks!

i've been looking for forever D: i still can't find the bucket, all i see is a huge bucket that doesn't give me any options

so i went up to cecily to get the water bucket, and she says she gave it to me and i have the option to say "thank you for the water bucket" but nothing is in my inventory? am i supposed to go somewhere to get confused. anyway i'm having a lot of fun with ur game! :)

so fun!!

dats k

sofa king dronk

this is so funny. also sat there listening to that loop thru its entirety

please add to mac!!

awesome!! btw your work is amazing :)

yo i love this sm