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wow  the girl is hot but update wasent much

can u plz  send out public non patron releases day after patron ones  

 why is it takeing too long for new update

can u plz release public today 

sent u a wave

i have skype  if u wanna tlk there  amy young i have same pic as i do here 

i can get  to other side of lake  online said something bought key   in a pool

whats password in zombie one 

yea  but  i keept loseing my saved game    zombie one is tuff i rescued counceler

i can help u  first goal is to observ then ur askd to  conquor ur villige if  u keep going up  at point u see what looks to be a viliage u conquor it  then next goal is if if u go  ----> way from start point u see a kingdom  u find out there army size it s 150 u need to have 150 people to conquor  once u done that tel;l  me 

if u have 12 movement things once u reach portal at orc camp up top follow path > way stay on it  and ull find   then only issue is staying out of red  cause theres no day limit  till ur killd

i found it after while only problem is it stops after awhile then u have to keep income out of red

if u can post image of  where it is   ty 

i  cant locat rasendel 

if u    try difrent   things u  unlock  difrent galleries in bonus

if u happen to play seeds of chaos can u help me find the  area ur askd to visit  rak  or sumthing i cant find it or if u find out moe where it is

theres   another adult game site with games u can chat with friends in ill make account and  let u know 

like    a walkthrough   once u get furthur along

maby i can help u  with futur updates if u choose loc 

i need help with the flutes  tho i think i need to start over to do it im at end of  version   some  tips u can ue for other charecters  if u want u can look at pictures from source of league of lewdness  for similur pics to urs for ideas for charecters 

ty hun


i discoverd new  cgs  in bonus i havent seen befor  try all possible things to discover new  things

i at start helpd one leader then  in  end  showd b guy where girl was and gaind his help 

i keep failing  the game i cant find the villigige twins ask to visit besides geting a army 

i  cant vote but can u do  league of coruption i have ideas maby u can  think of adding 

whos one whos makeing league of coruption i have ideas  based on  things

for those  who dont have a issue with it  on itch can u  have it for itch to  i  was fine till one of the updates then said not availible  if u can put   1.0 when its out for itch and one on one u been doing  that be good ill let u know if it works 

it workd  for me befo when u had on itch but when one of updates came  no longer worked

Town of Passion community · Created a new topic bug

theres a bug   it updates but when i do update i  lose saved game where can i find carrot charm

can u make game downloadable on itch  and can u fix part where u have to restart when u update

thats what i did wrong i dident press enter

if i miss one diolog can i go to it  i did festivil

i went there  theres no spring

the spring  people give hints about   i followed the clues  yet cant find it  is it a area on map  or do u have to follow clues in order  is it possible to mess up where u r  no longer able to find it or   is that  unlikly    if u can can u post     a snap shot  of it  or  location so i have better understanding 

i updated    but  at cost of loseing my saved game now i got to start over happend befor like 2 or 3 times

when u sign a treaty with dorgania   will it end  up affecting    relationship with other  capitals   also   perhaps u could add a quest line where u help slaves in dorgania  for instance   liveing conditions how they r treated  food water   clothing  or   some can live in  ryans capital  like the empty houses or confiscated houses there is one other house in game that is  empty when guy goes to jail

Renryuu: Ascension community · Created a new topic imps

why do the red imps    aperence when they r moveing in ddunguns look just like the blue ones but difrent when u  fight