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Thomas Viktil

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Deflector is a frantic, challenging, 8-bit retro style, ball bouncing, arcade game full of sweet 80s music and explosions.

It's a game I made as part of a challenge to make a game in a week, while working full time, and starting a family. My son was 8 months old when I started. Now, he is 1 year and 4 months old, and yesterday he assembled his first two Lego Duplo pieces! That was an emotional moment for me. :) Anyway, the response on Deflector was good, so I kept working on it. I made it a goal to release Deflector so that I can finally say that I have released one of my own games.

Now, nine months and 220 hours of work later, I can proudly say that I have released my first independent game. :D

Deflector was made in Unity 2018, and it comes with full source code for you to poke around in. Pay want you want!

Very nice game! Super chill to play while the baby's sleeping. :-) I wish the demo was longer, though. That's a good sign, right? :-)

I noticed a couple of errors. When Lua and Baileys introduce themselves, and it gets your turn, I got "I'm baristaName." with my name written above the speech bubble. Later, when Lua tells Baileys to ask the bartender about annoying clients, she says "You should ask <Barista name> here about how to deal with annoying clients.".

And, Oct 1. 2020 is a Thursday, not a Monday. ;-)

Did I misunderstand? Can you read the word superfluous in more than one way? English is not my native language.

What a cute looking game! :-)

The background animations aren't superfluous when they help the game feel alive. I read that as you downplaying the importance of the animations, and that's not exactly a good way to present your game. I think ii would benefit the presentation to take the sentence out from the bullet point about interactive environment, and move it to the point about art style. It can also be rewritten to something more positive, like "The background elements are all animated by hand to bring life to the environment.".

Seems like a fun game, but without mouse lock it was impossible to play. The mustard squirter drifted off into the void and would never squirt a hot dog again. Sadness!