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Strange, because there is no install!! I uploaded the full game's folder, just run "simulator.exe" and it should work. What is your Windows version? (Some problems were reported regarding Windows10 about the game running too fast, but at least it was running!)

Hey! I played the chapter 1 and found a small bug. 

It's not a bug actually , but a non translated string  appeared to me.  I fought one Geleka on the map, near the moutain. After killing it i received $10 and the message appeared in portuguese "Você achou $10".

I will play it a little more, have not explored the mountain yet. If i catch something else will let you know!!

By the way, i liked the acronym MaComBa hahahah :)

Very good!! For a moment I thought this was a real camera :)

Thanks, Leafo!!

 I am growing step by step in games development and in the future, if it seems viable in various aspects,  I have plans to maybe release a fully 3D version of this game with more puzzles and going deeper in the story :)

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Hey, Guys!  I want to share another one of my projects here with you.  It is not my first game, but it is my first complete Adventure Game!

You can play on Browser or Download here on itch.io page the versions for Android, Windows or Linux:

It is a Dark themed First-Person Inventory Adventure with three possible endings, depending on your choices during the game.

Story: Three teenagers dared themselves to spend a night in an ancient abandoned cemetery during a dark rainy night, but soon something went terribly wrong and they ran away for their lives... except your little brother. His friends called you for help, and now you must enter alone into that cemetery and find him alive... before it is too late! Also, find out what that place is if you can...


More info and Downloads for Android/PC versions here: https://maloke.itch.io/midnightcemetery

Or Play on Browser for free here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/Maloke/midnight-cemetery


Very interesting!!

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FastBurguer is not an ordinary cooking game...
It is actually a Simulation where you have total control to manage where, when and how you cook or put the ingredients before delivering your order.

But watch out!
Each ingredient haves its own behavior, cooking time and looses temperature if you let it waiting too much on the table or serving tray... also, don't let anything burn!

This final version also features a Free-Play mode where you can cook freely and receive a score for it.
But you can also try the challenge to cook one of each burger in FastBurguerRestaurant's menu and see if you are hardcore enough to work there!

So, you must coordinate and organize your kitchen like a real Chef to deliver hot food and get a higher score! 

Leave your feedback!

More info and Download for Android version here: https://maloke.itch.io/fast-bu...

Or Play on Browser for free here: http://www.kongregate.com/game...