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Finding a server will be hard until we have more players unfortunately.

As for practice tips, the key is to get combination scores by going through the scoring ring without dropping the disc. Because the disc goes towards whichever direction you are pointing,  you  want to point the controller back at yourself after passing through the scoring ring so the disc comes back towards you. When it's close, aim the controller back at the scoring ring - or you can even catch it if you wish for a little score boost (catching the disc does not break the combo). 

You can get some extremely high scores with this method, though of course the scoring ring moves faster and faster as your combo increases.

Thank you for playing! It's great to  get some feedback!

And we added a release trailer right here:

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And it's free!

We're currently in alpha, so are looking for feedback. It's a lot of fun to play - even more so if you have a buddy on discord as in-game communication isn't featured yet.

DiscVR features 4 unique maps, all supporting a single player challenge, 2-player multiplayer action, quick reflex throwing and catching, advanced flight control, and teleportation.

The game has networked MP so you can dive in and find a game (if there's players online).

Please give it a try, and send us some feedback!

Cheers :)

Here's a few pics: