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I truly have never felt such tense atmosphere in a game, in such a long time. I feel throwing a twist of the monster coming from in front sometimes would make it even more better, as it was super easy to escape. I always had that constant fear of running smack dab into his face!

I made a video on this game, that hope people will most enjoy!

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This game is very nice! The graphics are pretty good, but as you mentioned in-game; The performance in game could be worked on a bit. Also I think I got some kind of bug that didn't spawn a slenderman or something, i even went out on a search party for him. xD

Your Game Starts at about 5:00 in.

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I did get lost a bit, lol. Directions were a little wonky.

I played this game in a 3 random games video and the game seemed pretty well made! It a couple optimization problems that I ran into whilst playing it, but other than that it was great!

This game was really impressive for a game jam! The atmosphere felt really spooky, and the plot was great! The mechanics worked well, but 1 thing is I was having some optimization problems and I have a relatively powerful PC. When I clicked "New Game" it stopped responding for a few minutes and lagged a little bit in-game. Everything else was great though!

This game is awesome! I hope you go to make some longer games, because this game gave me chills and left me in awe and confusion at the same time towards the end of the game! Vary good my friend. 

You should check out my gameplay and subcribe to help me out to 1k.

This game is the best thing ever!Check out my video on: 

I have windows 10 too, but I use "WinRAR" :O ~gaassp

Man, this game is a kind of rip-off BUT it displays the true feeling of horror for a Baldi's Bacics type horror game. Something the actual Baldi's Basics DOES NOT have. Be sure to check out my channel for an awesome playthrough of my experience!