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All of your layout and design work is just fantastic - really wonderful stuff! I'm looking forward to trying this one out.

Thank you for trying it out! I made a page that gives some hints on the puzzles for anyone who is feeling stuck - you have to click on the hints and solutions so that you don't see any by mistake:

Let me know if that doesn't help you get unstuck and I'd be glad to help.

Thank you!

Thanks for giving it a try - I'm unable to try your submission (I don't have a compatible device) but I wish I could - I really like the look of it and your typography!

Thanks for making an attempt! I will be adjusting the difficulty for sure.

Yeah I definitely need to optimize but thanks for giving it a shot!

Nice work! I did have some trouble getting very far in the game but I liked the idea and the color scheme/effects as well.

Nice work! I did have some trouble using the undo button. It may have just been my browser but I kept accidentally clicking the fullscreen button.

Very nice effects and fun gameplay!

Beautiful effects, illustrations and sounds. Everything works together seamlessly. I'm in awe of how polished this is - fantastic work!

I especially enjoyed the music and the design of the monsters in your game. Also, the arm-flapping animation when she is jumping made sense with her floating. Nice work!

I really liked the look of the game and the audio. It will be interesting to see what other levels you will create!

Thank you! I really wish I could try your game as well - the screenshots look great. Unfortunately, I don't have a compatible device. 

That would be interesting in a narrative game - I was trying to think of more ways to customize the levels given the random selections but I ended up running out of time. Thanks for your comment!

Thanks for pointing that out about the text at the beginning - I'll adjust it or make it so that they player chan press a button to advance after they're done reading. 

Thanks for that suggestions - I'll have to try adding the ability to drop or clear out your caught items without returning to the start.

Good take on the theme and the sound effects you chose worked well. I wasn't able to try it on mobile but I think it'd be a perfect game for short play session on a phone.

This was an interesting take on the theme and the illustrations fit well with it. I did have a little bit of trouble figuring out what to do but I appreciated that this was such a unique approach! 

Thank you for trying it out! Agreed that it is too tricky right now and will need to be adjusted. I think I'll make the colliders larger for the falling objects.

Wonderful idea to play as a psychic - I enjoyed trying out the different paths that there were some really funny moments. Great work!

Great work! I especially liked the touches of the flickering lights and smoke effects.

Beautiful illustrations and a great take on the concept. Awesome work!

Excellent work! I know it's a small thing but the effects you've made for phasing felt really good - it really help an already-polished game feel even better.

I really liked this and enjoyed that you found multiple ways to utilize the looking mechanism. Very impressive!

I really liked the options within combat - it was fun to figure out what they each did. Well done!

Excellent take on the theme and I really enjoyed the game taking place within the UI of the app. Also, using the comments section to provide additional info was a really good choice!

This was a lot of fun - very easy to understand and also an interesting take on the theme. I did have difficulty sometimes seeing enemies that were close to me but that was only a small issue. Great work!

Appreciate your feedback and thank you for playing!

Thank you for saying that - I was happy with how the titles turned out.

Beautiful artwork and a really interesting setting and concept. I also liked the movement and timing on the jumps - really great work!

Really fantastic job - I think that your animations, sound and transitions show incredible polish. It did take me a minute to understand the concept but figuring it out was part of the fun!

I like the idea and have been having fun solving the puzzles of the levels - I think that this concept would really lend itself to many different level types and I hope that you will keep building it out. Incredible work!

This was definitely an interesting idea. I had some trouble with getting pushed through the walls and floors and getting stuck. I like the fact that you integrated a method for giving hints to the player!

I really like you combination of color, simple shapes and music. If you were to make more levels, it would be interesting to see how the disappearing orange platforms could factor in to deciding which path to take. You did a great job executing this idea in a really polished looking way!

Great transitions, music, sound and controls - this is an incredible amount of work to get done in a week! I especially like how you learn the game by watching another character. Nice job!

Thank you for the feedback - that is a good idea - I'll look at adding some ways to help the player find their way back.

Great job with this one! I think it's a really great play on the theme and is quick to grasp. The graphics are charming and I really felt like I was getting better as I played. Well done!

The flashlight element worked well - it felt claustrophobic which was fun. The element of walls changing was interesting as well. Nice job!

This was fun and also impressive to build from scratch! It was overwhelming at first but your tips were good - it almost felt like a much more frantic Pac Man when picking up the timed power-ups - I enjoyed it!

Yeah you're definitely right about that and testing is something that suffered for the sake of time. I'll have to intentionally carve out more time to get feedback next time. Thank you for giving it a try and for your feedback!