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fantastic update; really enjoying it!

very neat little game.

one bug I encountered: if you go down to two dice (via removing all of your move dice without getting enough extra dice; a thing I realize is probably a bad idea but wanted to test out), the game does not let you play either dice,

Neat concept & prototype.

Did come across two bugs:

A: Unless I'm misunderstanding it, the "deal 3 damage for each repeated face" face seems to be glitched; had a die with three repeat faces on it and one of that kind of face, and that face only ever hit once when I used it.

B: Did have an incident where I tried to drag an attack face to one of the boxer enemies, and the game did not let me do so; the die was stuck to my cursor. I ended up having to quit out of the run.

great game, and a fantastic update! really looking forward to seeing where this game goes.

Incredible game; had a lot of fun with it.

fun game; took a bit to figure out, but when I did, it all clicked pretty naturally.

very strong concept, and a nice, chill execution.

lovely little game

haven't played this much yet (just got to age 31 and have decided to focus on Common work for this first loop around), but this feels like the exact kind of Idle game I've been looking for; it has a very nice sense of exploratory curiosity, and a great laidback general atmosphere that really appeals to me.

Awesome work overall, thanks for the game! :)

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Great aesthetics, and very fun.

My one complaint: Would be nice if it mentioned the ability to pass in the description. Using that made the game feel so much more fair and interesting, and I almost missed that it existed at all.

Absolutely beautiful game.

He's trying his best.

Really fun game; didn't think a deck-builder in Pico-8 would work, but the simplicity of the engine and UI design really adds a lot to it.

Main complaint I can think of is I wish there was another "always available" option (like the Knight) that helped gain gold, just to make starts without any cheap gold producers in the lane feel a little better. Still, though, fun game.

Hey, what's the main menu song? Think I've heard it in another game before, and I really like it.

Very interesting; quite difficult, but that might just be me being bad at strategy games in general.

Good job :)

Managed to get to Dungeon Level 12 with 91 points. 

Feel pretty happy about that score. Probably could have scored higher if I didn't get greedy trying to go after power ups in the last level.