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I've noticed that spacebar rotates around the Y axis, but there a way to rotate around others? For example, if I want the bottom of a block to be the side. It seems like a combo of Shift + Space would be sensible for this.

Related: is there a way to free rotate if I want to put something at 45 degrees?

+1 to touchpad controls! I am traveling and only have access to my previous generation MacBook Air.

On a related note, I've noticed that it makes the CPU fan go crazy and the UI is somewhat slow and unresponsive. I know it's not the fastest laptop to begin with, but I can use it to do Unity development just fine. I've noted that there is an editor quality setting, but I wonder if further optimizations are possible, such as turning off the block animations? Looking forward to playing with this in depth once I get back to my desktop machine in a couple of weeks!