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It should require Push 2 as with normal movement rules, I'll be sure to clarify that, thank you!

Conviction is part of Kadungganan Creation, it's more fluff now (but you can use it to add to any Cast). Older editions had extra mechanics on it but it was just bloat. Thank you so much for reading!

Hey all, be sure to redownload the early patch I pushed out on 19-9-21, it fixes some typos that can hamper gameplay experience:

- Fixed Flower Necromancer damage on Forbidden Tech.
- Clarified the Mangangayaw's Second Technick.

Hello! As much as we want to publish this physically it seems unlikely due to current circumstance, so the fee here is for the PDF only. We might have a book in the future but we don't know when currently. Thank you so much!

Hello! Yes I would love for Non-Filipinos to play this and I encourage it. You don't really have to worry about the Setting and History since this is a Fantasy setting first and foremost! As long as you're having fun with the combat and potentially engaging in melodrama, and thriving in the Southeast Asian aesthetic, you're running it right.

Unfortunately it isn't setting agnostic but it is very easy to refluff, and making your own settlements and places is encouraged. Thank you so much!

Wow, thank you so so much for your kind words! I appreciate your insights! I've done something about the black boxes and tried to clarify the wording on Blast as well. Thank you again and I hope you enjoy the game!

Ooh that makes sense, thank you!

Gubat Banwa by makapatag (

Karanduun - Make God Bleed Edition by makapatag (

You can comment below for any typos you find and I'll be sure to fix them on subsequent doc revisions!

Yes, I'll be sending out copies/codes for everyone that spent 15 dollars on it! The final version is also still a ways away

Greetings from above, from the Inverted Triangle of Dyosveta, Yezu, and Shinseina Yurei. Good eye! Thank you so much.

For those that have the PDF, if you come across any weird wordings or typos, please reply down here so I can catch them on the next errata pass! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! There's still some more art coming along thanks to the money being made and from donations!

That's strange, it downloads fine over on my end. I'll reupload the file in a bit!

Aaa thank you so so much! Don't be afraid to share your thoughts back here if you do!