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Wow, first time i'm beaten at a game i've made. I'll play some more !

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Nihihi :D ++rep for the coder who wrote the shader. I'm still considering shader as magic. Copy + Paste + Edit if i need a specific shader. Found it here, tweaked a bit.

wuhuu. Will do !

By the way, you need to press and hold the space bar AND press the movement direction.  Was using controller for the game so controls are kinda wierd for keyboard :D

Wuhuu, fan of cubes. Now it's kinda rogue-like. Congratz to all !

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- Dynasty

- Cubes

- Bezier Curves

- Vibration

- Shooting Star(Literally)

- Dark Magic

- Bow

- Ecchi

Cool art and music. Gameplay feels nice. Good job !

Hahaha :D I was able to pass the first two sections but yeah... it's hard to play. WP

Hehehehe, it's fun to play !

Cool RPG game !

Thanks for the feedback ! 

You're absolutely right, we didn't spend the much needed time on the bar you mentioned. It really  should give the effect of progression to the player since it's the only visual cue for the ongoing war.

Our first thought was to place arrow heads in a certain direction, which would help the player to understand who's winning, so that he/she can come up with a counter strategy.

It's certain that we need to do a lot of bug fixing and polishing. Thanks again

Wuhuuu, had fun playing it !

Hahaha, nice one ! Fore me it was like watching heroes fall off the edges :D But nice idea.

I like the part where you can aggro zombies into other people :D also drinking stuff.

Hahahah, thanks for the feedback.

You're absolutely right, the game is kinda haning in the air right now. 

Slider values in Design panel determine the stats for the weapon the you're designing, also you unlock weapon traits from Lab ! Which gives a nice twist to the weapons you're making.

Also there's a not so implemented trust feature that prevents a Team from buying any kind of weapon design from you :D