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Hi there. We've bought this great looking asset. What is the license on these images?  Would you allow us to recreate these in a vector style for use in our game? If so, how would you like to be credited?

Damn these visuals are great! The audio is also very high quality. The only thing I wish the game had was either a faster walk or a way to sprint. I feel the destinations take a long time to get to. Though the interesting environment makes up for that quickly. Nice work! 

I think they generally use the accelerometer in the phone for steering. But not all games would do that. 
I was just thinking the look of it would suit mobile and the level based progression. Its quite perfect for that platform. But yeah, controls might be hard.

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That was pretty cool I quite liked it. I could see this being good on mobile as well. Look forward to seeing more levels :)

Your feedback survey kept requiring me to attach bug screenshots. So I'll just post my feedback here. 


I used mouse and keyboard. The camera was the main issue I had. I think it should move freely rather than pointing in direction the player is going. It makes it hard to keep an eye on the enemies. You could move the camera but you had to be stationary and it was very slow. So yeah if that was fixed it would feel a lot nicer.

The green attack was hard to use and I found it would also over shoot where I wanted it to go. Maybe need a way to be able to control the distance or something? I did like how the fire shot locks onto the enemy when you aim it, that's a nice touch.

It would also be good to add some kind of visual feed back when the enemy is about to attack so you can anticipate when to dodge it. Also adding a dodge/roll/parry button would be a cool addition.

Overall, I could see an appeal to this style of game. I would just try copy The Witcher 3 or something like that for camera controls in battle.

Well done :)

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This is quite good for a game for your first game, very impressive. The voice acting is very good and audio is a nice touch, really adding to the immersive atmospheric environment. I really wish I could explore more of the forest, but I get its not the point of the game :) 


- The frame rate is very low which makes moving the camera feel a bit janky.

- I ran into a bug when you stand too close to the keys it breaks the game I can't not control it anymore. 

Really cool. A lot of potential. Look forward to seeing more of this! 

Fair enough, makes sense now. Thanks :)

Nice. I think this could be a really nice story telling experience. I do wish the memories had colliders though because walking right through then takes away from the immersion. I also liked the way the hospital bed memory had the dissolve effect, I think all the memories should do that.