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Yes, the folder is shared with OpenRA.

Delete the settings.yaml file.

Edit the settings with a text editor.

There is now

Try again, we now have bought an Apple code signing certificate.

Near the

No, Rusted Warfare is a different game. Some sprites share the same source.

FAQ: I have seen those graphics before!

Try the missions. The first missions act kind of like a tutorial. Though it is 90s style. Nobody tells you which button to press and when.

This screenshot does not tell the error. View Logs does.

Not yet. We are working on it.


Go to

No, it is using the OpenRA engine.

No, however you can help fund the infrastructure via and get a game server in return.

PS: There is now which adds all the channels not just the general chat.

Okay, I created and tried to bridge it.

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I agree that Discord is indeed proprietary, which is an odd choice for an Open Source/Content project. However, the game integrates with it and I wanted to avoid separating the developer and gaming community. is pretty expensive, so at the moment that is not an option.

No, sorry.

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We now have our own server at so feel free to join.

Awesome. Will there be a Linux version?

Should be fixed now.

Most discussions happen on in the modding or community mods section.


A Free/Libre Open Source PixelArt RealTimeStrategy Game

Even has weather effects

Comes with a fully featured map editor

and complete Source Code

Fixed the link.

Try the latest version I just uploaded. It includes zooming!

Not all missions have a difficulty level.

Please report your video bug at and attach a screenshot.

We actually did a ra2 mod, but it isn't finished yet.

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Yes. Probably too early at this point, but a Red Alert 2 mod is work in progress.