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Maikel Ortega

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Me flipa 👏👏👏

I like this quite a lot.

It's excellent. How is this free?

Thanks!! Glad you liked it

Thanks a lot! it was a small jam game, made it just a few hours, but its really appreciated!

Awesome game, with really addicting gameplay, and everything is clearly communicated. The artstyle is great too!

It definitely is! And thanks for your words!

I always forgot to add them and my jam games usually become too frustrating! Fortunately  @Baxayaun reminded me of those this time :D

Awesome! Thanks for taking your time to give us feedback, glad you liked it! A block/parry command was in the plans, and we'll probably add it later.

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it :D

Wow, thanks a lot!! We had a lot of fun with the voice lines, I'm glad you liked it!

Great game! Difficult as hell, and seems to have some issues with the music when you die/switch rooms, but it's really impressive!