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Hi! I'm hoping it's just my system - I'm on a Windows PC (i7, 64 bit OS,  8GB Ram).  Basically what happened was that the game slowed down a bit, I think, similar to what you described but not for a long time, then it just closed.  I was a little wary about reporting it because it might just be my machine and compatibility issues.  But I messaged anyway just in case the info might help you.

I finished playing btw, and it was awesome. :)   

Hi! I just finished the game but it crashed around 3 times for me. Restarting the game fixed things until it would crash again after a while. 

Hi, I did reach the end but I didn't accomplish 100% of tasks - I didn't find all the marbles! Should I have been able to?

I'll try playing it again. It looks all good so far though. :)

Played through the demo and it looks great! I hope I can continue the game from the end when the full game is out.  I can't wait!

Is the download link really supposed to lead to version

Tried the demo and I can't for this to come out; the art, storyline, gameplay and music are amazing! I hope this is released soon. 

One thing though - does the demo just stop at a point in the story because the game closed on me at the gnome tunnel and I don't know if that signified the end of the demo or if something went wrong.

Do you have a link to the RPG Maker 2000 RTP? I can't seem to install it properly on my PC to get the game going.