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This is a very cute and fun game, and a great source of joy today. I played it twice in a row so I could get all the bonus stages.

I'm enjoying it a lot! I'm using a notepad to write down notes and the code for the alien language. The combat is fun and exploration feels very rewarding! I just got to the creepy diary section last night and it really felt like a descent into insanity.

I'm playing this now, only about 5 hours in, but I absolutely love it and I can't wait to see where the rest of the story goes and how I meet the new party members!
Confession: I have a big crush on Elothu. Need more well-spoken creepy god gentlemen in video games. 11/10 highly recommend everyone acquires a companion like Elothu.
Also bug report: You can stand on a table upstairs in Dottie's house.

I was enjoying this game a lot. I beat the first 2 dungeons as well as 2 mini dungeons. But suddenly the game crashed and I'm not sure what happened. My pumpkin friend Gourdon was poisoned, and I didn't know how to cure him so I swapped him out for Henrietta. As soon as I did so, the game crashed.

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Spoilers :P (Just keep it in the back of your mind, in case you need it later.)

It took me about half an hour to get 3 endings. I really enjoyed this short RPG. Can't get much better than lesbian demons and automatic crits.

It's very sweet and heartwarming. I was surprised at how much character development was possible in such a short game (completed in maybe 20 mins)! They're all very endearing. I believe Wisp is my favourite.

One thing though, the transition between music tracks sounds a little rough. Not sure if it was my computer or an issue with the game. Not a huge problem though!

Everything about this game exudes love and creativity. The developer and his team put a lot of work into every aspect of design. If you want to play a game with a unique gameplay style that also has a gripping story, endearing characters, great pixel visuals AND a banger soundtrack, look no farther than Soma Union.

It carries on the story that Soma Spirits started, and while this game can stand on its own I highly recommend you play Soma Spirits as well. Then you will not only experience the story in its entirety but also enjoy some more references to Soma Spirits in Soma Union. As for the story itself, it is more than just your standard RPG fare. Just like in the first game, some decisions you make in Soma Union affect the development of characters in the story, and it has multiple endings for you to enjoy. This, in my opinion, not only makes for an engaging playthrough but also adds replay value.

The combat gameplay also stands out to me. Your characters never have access to all of their abilities at the same time, and choosing when to have a character in Power (attack) or Support (buff/heal) mode plays a large part of the strategy. Even in battles with regular enemies, it's important to know your opponent and strategize each time. This isn't a game where you can just keep tapping a button to win - and that goes even more so for bosses. The bosses of Soma Union are all fantastic fights, all of which have cool mechanics, and several of these I would consider unique as I've never encountered such in any other RPG. I played on Normal mode, and feel confident in saying the game is extremely well balanced - no grinding strictly necessary as long as you're paying attention to what you're doing. For those who want a bigger challenge, there's also a hard mode. And fear not - if you want to just coast along and enjoy the story and characters there are two easier modes as well!

If anyone is reading this and is trying to decide whether they want to download Soma Union, do it. It's free, so you can't go wrong - though it is absolutely worth any money you may choose to spend on it, as it is a well-polished, high quality game.

Very fun! The temptation to jump is unreal but once you adjust to the mechanics it's not too bad. Love the music as well.

Loved playing this. It's such a unique platformer. The motion controls are smooth and the music is so pleasant to listen to. 

Ah, gotcha! That would be cool. 

Beautiful art (visual and music). Playing it was a pleasant experience, though I didn't really get an idea of what I should be doing. Unfortunately the game crashed. I had used a stick to create a vine, but somehow while climbing it I jumped at the wrong area and managed to fall down through the ground and the game bluescreened. :( It happened in the Ossuary, I think.

Very well polished platformer with a lovely aesthetic. It would have fit in the NES era of platformers with the style and difficulty. Loved playing it! Great job.

Nice little game. None of the puzzles were too confusing but definitely made me stop and think. Great job.

Very nice work. I loved the dialogue and the music.

Nice, short little game. I love the art style and combat is smooth and fun.

A fun puzzle game that really gets your brain in gear. I tried it out on my computer but I'll definitely be keeping this on my phone permanently, as well. So far my high score is 12430 after only a few attempts, so I'm motivated to try to beat my personal best.

Fun game, a nice way to kill some time.  Best of luck with the continuing development!

A very nice platformer that is clearly Mario inspired yet still succeeds at being its own unique thing. The level designs are cute and appealing and the music is pleasant. The bosses are all pretty easy. A couple of bugs:

-if you die at the same time you get a 1up, the 1up notification remains hovering over your character after you respawn.

-you can fall through an invisible hole in the floor in the first bonus level in the beach world.

Level design is artistic and intuitive. The game can be as challenging as the player needs it to be, which is a great feature. I'm not familiar with ZX Spectrum but I love the retro style.

Thank you for these great pride flag assets! Love supporting LGBT+ creators. I just bought this and can't wait to include them in my game with an LGBT+ cast. Happy pride month!!

Hexed is a fun game with great replayability value due to different moral paths and difficulty levels. I've been following the development and can definitely recommend it (and not only because it's sort of set in my game's world).
For $1 you can't go wrong!

Soma Spirits is a beautiful and artful RPG with strong messages about unity and acceptance. Despite what some would say, the game is not remotely political in nature, and deals instead with emotions and other life challenges that you, as the two guardian spirits, have to resolve for the people in the world. The humour is great, the characters are endearing, and no matter what choices you make you're never left thinking you absolutely did the right thing. Because of this, the game lends itself very well to replays.

The battle system is top-notch as well. This turn-based RPG has a twist: the powers of the two heroes will be different depending on which world you're in, so you have to play around with different strategies to succeed. There are 3 difficulty settings, of which I chose Normal for my first run. The balance was finely tuned, neither excessively grindy or a walk in the park. For future runs I will happily experiment with the other difficulty settings as well.

Strongly recommend playing this game to anyone who happens to pass by and read this! My first run took roughly 6 hours to fully complete, could be done in less, and of course replays to see all of the content make this a fantastic deal in my eyes. Don't pass it up!

I got this game as part of the bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. I decided to try it out because the art style is super cute! And I love puzzle games! It definitely delivered on what I wanted and then some. I haven't completed all of the puzzles yet. Some of them are really brain-crushing. Those are the best because it's even more ssssssssatisfying to complete.
Thanks for including this game in the bundle. And IMO it's definitely worth the very small cost if I'd have paid for it directly!