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Thank you for trying out our jams build and your constructive criticism! It's a rushed jams entry with some problems. There's so much to be improved. Expect much improvement and refinment of gameplay in our future update.

We need more rating for our game. This game is unique so please try it out.

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Thank you so much for playing ^ ^

I'm not that satisfied of how this jam version goes but that will change in the next update

We plan to update the game later in the jams that'll improve the whole game a lot. Newer update will include new minion, enemy, and other clever things.

If you're interested more about the game, feel free to follow us.

Excellent Puzzle game with a clever idea of the puzzle mechanic and props.

The increase in difficulty between level is just right.

Here's our game if you wanna try out

I feel like I could be a good game designer (laughing arrogantly) Jams is a great way to build experience and skills. But the number of participant is pretty overwhelmingly many.

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Simple concept. I like the cat has a higher jump ability but the wall grab thingy is pretty weird. It is very important for this game to have music and sound effect though which is pretty much lacking. I like the monster design but I felt the characters has some weird animation for me. I like the surfing part, It's a good feature and fun to cruise foward.  I'm very confused of why my cat died especially the first part of the level where there is one cactus at the beginning. 

I completed the game and the game is simply nice. Well done.

Here's our game if you ever wanted to have a go You can also play it on mobile or gaming controller if you desired.

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I read it but I don't know what's the invisible button.

Here's our game

Can't seems to play the game :/

Thank you for playing! If you finish the game, the difficulty will increase so you might not come to that issue.

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I like the idea of the blackhole. The gameplay is simple and easy to understand but very confusing at first especially that you can't see incoming enemies. 

Very nice use of the sound effects! I like how there is a power up duration meters and beeping sounds that warns you the effect about to go which is a good touch.

My biggest complain is since this game is based on score, there is no increased difficulty the longer you stay alive. It makes the game not as interesting the further you go.  

Oh and there's no theme "there and back" feature in the game which is what you need to considered next time you do jams. But there is collectible which is good.

Here's our jam game if you haven't tried already which I think you did

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Thanks for playing our game. There is increased difficulty the more you finished the game. You can see the Diffculty with number on the top left in the menu screen. 

I'll love to tryout your game.

Here is our jam game if you like to try out We plan to make the game better and more polish

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One of the best game I played in this jams! Great use of the theme "there and back" but pretty ok idea of collectible gem and buying upgrade since it has been done multiple time. Well done with the generated map!  Nice artstyle both the characters, creatures, and environment. 

Although the difficulty increase should be more interesting and intense for it to not get boring and repetitive.

All in all, you are already a professional game developers with this kind of quality you can produce.

Here's our jam game if you like to try

Here's our game if anyone wanna try it out

Nice game. I like the random generated dungeon and the traps. Got stuck due to glitch but I enjoy it. Artstyle for the effect is spot on!

If you want to try out our game here it is

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Really fun gameplay. Love the concept and the use of collectible and "there and back" is just perfect. I like the idea of disposing garbage in the game.

One major complain would be the overall sounds. It's way too loud which force me to lower the volume down. If you could fix that then you fix the biggest problem in the game.

If you haven't already. Check out our jams here

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I finished all the level difficulty

The good: Excellent used of "There and Back" theme for auto side scrolling and simple house material gathering collectible. The puzzle element of you going back is just spot on. good job. 

The bad: The jumping and air mechanic felt a little too heavy. It felt like the pig barely launching forward while jumping. And the jumping momentum just make the game a little frustration. At first I'm confused of what really killed me, in a few round of run I realized the thing that killed me is the spikes on the wind mill which is hard to tell in the beginning of the play. The boomerang is a little too delay and is a little difficult to use it in some way.

I enjoy the game to the end. Nice little game. Simple but good enough artwork and good music!

If you haven't already checkout our jams here

It's a cool concept of the game. It would be nice to have soundtracks and some sounds though. I like the pace of the ship and what not. The menu is very confusing so it takes sometime processing of what is going on. The ship is easy to control. Since is a ship vehicle, it should go faster and a little more difficult in handling.

Nice little game. I like the car physics and the challenge 

I like the grid rpg style. I'm a long time fan of turn base strategy and jrpg. This game blend those together and make a completely new idea of a game which I like. Nice puzzle and strategy and upgrade element. The music is way too loud and doesn't really fit with the game that well. The game is based on die and restart. The real problem about it is I have to die and go back many times which really makes the game tedious. All in all, good concept idea. There are some design flaw there and here which can easily be fixed

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I like how smooth the controller is. The controller felt just right with a double jump. The physics felt smooth in a good way. 

Althought, is a simple gameplay idea but it got the collectible and "There and back"  theme justright in a smooth way. Good funky soundtracks, not sure you made it yourself.

The graphic is nice especially the environment. The game is still have yet to improve more.