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Thanks for picking up my Hardlight modules, glad you are digging them! To answer your first question, yes, this is a great place for a question like this. 

I posted a brief devlog about the 1E updates I made back when the first version of the Mothership Conversion guide came out. Here are the key parts:

"The changes to DHoHS are fairly minimal and are as follows:

  • The "Vomit and Bleed Crimson Goo" move has been reduced to 1d5 DMG/round until treated.
  • Hanne Gruber's Mastercrafted SMG “Liebling” now does 3d10 DMG.
  • Administrator Takako McClane's Handgun “奥の手/Okunote” now does 2d10 DMG.

I decided to leave the hybrid's claw damage alone so they are a little deadlier now. Otherwise, that is it!"

To answer your questions the devlog doesn't cover:

1. Horror HP levels haven't changed as I think having them be more tough works well. That said, if you think they are too tough feel free to cut down their HP to suit your table's style and taste. Alternatively, one rule variant I like to play with is rolling on the applicable wounds table when monsters/NPCs take wounds as well. I think the wounds table is super flavorful and it also makes enemies easier to kill.

2. The Horrors don't have AP values because being largely goo based I think HP captures their toughness better than an armor value. 

3. Overall, with the final version of the 1E conversion guide out now I will have another look through to see if there are any major balance changes necessary. Though I think if any changes are needed they will likely be minor (Hits to Wounds, etc). 

I hope that helps and that you all have an awesome first couple of sessions of Mothership. Happy to answer further questions anytime!

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"Pisonics" does sound like a hip bakery that the psychic kids could open together to help heal their pain through the power of baking. Do I sense a cozy sequel brewing?

Absolutely! Shoot me an email at and I'll sort you out asap.

Hey, thanks for picking up the bundle! I looked into getting you a refund and it looks like the only way is to contact support. As per itch's terms of service "To request a refund, please contact support with your purchase information". So, send them a quick message and they should process it. If they don't give you the refund for any reason, send me a message and we'll figure out a plan B. 

Enjoy Hardlight Station and the rest of my games! 


Absolutely, you can pick up a physical copy in several places. Right now there should be copies available in the USA from:

In the UK from IglooTree. And in Canada from Monkeys Paw Games

Cool! Yes, please email me at Thanks!

Thank you! So happy to finally get to show them off.

I signed up for the free trial. Let me know when the soundpack is up and I'll check it out. Thanks!

This sounds awesome. How can people access the playlist you created? 

Absolutely! Send an email to and I'll set you up asap. 

This is great. I love the initial virus vector - it would be so easy to drop into an ongoing game. The infected AIs are both cool on their own and great examples of how the REDSCREEN virus could morph and mutate in response to each unique host. Overall, I totally love this pamphlet - and snappy design too!

Awesome, thanks for picking them up! I haven't seen any homebrew maps for TS7. But, if it helps imagine the 3D space my two influences in designing the shape of the caves while working with  DG Chapman were carnivorous pitcher plants and the inverted tower at the Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra, Portugal. 

You bet! The updated PDFs should be up on Pledgemanager for backers within the next few days. I'll post a notification when they are up. 

You bet, and thank you for the interest!

It is, they've ordered more stock. Should be up in the near future. Exalted Funeral also has copies they just haven't put them up for sale yet (should be soon). Alternatively, you could order a copy through the pre-order page for "The Cleaning of Prison Station Echo" that is available to sign up for via the Kickstarter page. That will be about 3 months or so. 

Should be doable! Definitely on DTRPG. 

Absolutely, I will be updating the files here when they are available and everyone who has bought them pre-update will have access.

Hi there, the updated files aren't out yet (coming soon). However, for TS7 the only change is that the cephalopods now do 2d10 damage instead of 3d10. Let me know if you have any other questions and have fun with the adventure!

Hi Islif, I've got something special in mind for Nirvana on Fire coming up so am not currently planning to offer it as part of The Cleaning of Prison Station Echo campaign. 

Of course, thanks for creating cool content!

I see "Annihilation" and "Roadside Picnic" as influences and I am in! The Star Pin is a great simple artifact and I really like what you did with the obscured text on the front side - it evokes the unknowable mystery of Zurf the lays forever just beyond reach.

It depends on what you mean by "well" I guess ;-) . For the PCs? Doubtfully. For the players, I'm sure you'll have a good time! 

Do you mean the sound files for Hardlight Station? If so, they should be in a ZIP file along with the rest of the digital downloads package. 

Haha, no worries. Enjoy!

First of all, thanks for backing! The adventure is included in the limited edition physical copy of the Dying Hard on Hardlight Station physical zine itself. So you will have it in physical form as part of the bonus for backers. If you'd also like a pamphlet format version then that should be coming to stores in a few month's time. 

Yes, I would say there is a good chance. However, in the meantime, the adventure also comes included in the limited edition release of Dying Hard on Hardlight Station. Which will be on sale at the Tuesday Knight Games webstore and Exalted Funeral later this month until they run out. 

Mothership has a 3rd party license available by application. I'm going for it as well

The time has come at last and I am very excited to announce that my Zine Quest project, Dying Hard on Hardlight Station is finally available to download. 

The pitch for those new to the project: make your escape from the hijacked Hardlight Station in this RPG mashup inspired by Die Hard and Alien: Resurrection. 

For the full rundown of the dangers and denizens of Hardlight Station and to check out some sample spreads - featuring top-knotch design by Eric K Hill and gloriously gooey art of Vil - head over to the project page. here:

This has been my first Kickstarter project and one hell of a journey and I am stoked to be sending this adventure out into the world today. For those who do check out my adventure, I wish you some wonderful nights of vent-crawling, merc-busting, alien-avoiding sci-fi horror gaming!

Thank you, glad you like it!

That makes perfect sense. Very cool. 

This simple PbtA style system is my default for most games. I've used it in the form of Offworlders and World of Dungeons for years. I like your distillation down to literally the essentials as you have it here. Do you plan to add further details or is your intention to keep it in this ultralight "notecard" format?