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I love these! Any chance of wall climb sprites being part of a current or future pack? 

Thats fair, I suppose. :) For us Unity-users it becomes a bit of a hassle though creating the entire animation from scratch. But I'm sure I'll manage, thank you :) 

Perfect! I just noticed this myself, thanks for all your hard work. :) 

Thank you so much! I just restarted the project, I do own the sprite pack already though. But thanks!

Question: Did you separate the pink haired engineer girl from her wrench? I much prefer the animation as it was, connected to the sprite. I noticed in some of your other packs they were separated. :) Thanks so much for all your work! 

Does the character in this have a "Hold up an item"-sprite yet? :) Still working on my Zeldalike. Keep up the good work!

I, too, am very much looking forward to this. Great asset pack! Currently working on a top down 2D RPG using your assets.

Absolutely, I'd love to see that! :) 

Thank you for playing it and recording it! :) 

Thank you for playing it, and for your thought-out words about it! The frame rate is an issue I'm working on, and will definitely be fixed for my next game if nothing else. Happy 2023! 

Thanks a lot man! I really enjoyed watching your playthrough!

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Thanks for playing and recording it! 

Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate it. :) 

Thank you! Going to take a break for a few days now but I got an idea for a one room horror game. Will post more when I know more myself!

Thank you so much! Loved your lets play :) 

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Good evening! I just released a very short atmospheric horror game called "Upon This Rock". It is a first person horror game set on a desolate island. Find the journal pages and piece together the story of this island and those who once lived here. But watch out, the island is not yet completely deserted, and strange lights haunt the night sky...

Hello! Lovely assets, considering buying them. Just a question first, are all assets in color or just some?

Maybe I missed it, is there any part of the sheet dedicated to slashing bushes? Like, the tiles needed to animate a short bush-gets-slashed mechanic?