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Alright thanks! I may contact you as I move along in my projects development and need some bosses made :D.

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Hey! I just grabbed your bundle it's a great deal! I feel like I can make a complete game with it with what I have in mind minus one thing. There is just not enough enemies. I would love to see more enemy packs, or bosses added! This monster pack is great and added some much needed enemies, but for a full game I need at least 10 more I feel(plus boss battles). Thanks for your hard work, and I am following you now for more!

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So I am just looking for a pixel artist that can do retro graphics. I am looking for two different sprite sheets to be done for a Rampage style of game(image below). I need animation work for climbing and falling along with punching/walking/dying. I am looking for one character to be a mech/robot type of giant(like 16x16 on the NES NTSC palette) and one to be the artists choice, or a different type of mech using the NES style. If you have Aseprite the default palette is fine which is used below in the image.

I am willing to pay a bit of money if needed via paypal, or similar. I can also give you credit in an upcoming arcade style game I am working on. You can reply here, or contact me by Discord(Kelron#9263). I don't check that often though, so do please let me know if you send me a friend request on Discord.