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Oh, I'm glad you like it ❤

Yeah, I'm also a big fan of crafting in games, and I'm so so  glad you added this mechanic to your game. I feel that dominoes are underused in ttrpgs.

I'll check out your game as soon as I get paid :3

I've flipped through it and well, that's just what i was looking for. Classes, setting, everything I wanted to see in a cyberpunk game is here. Thank you for your work ♡

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Now i know how to call it. Crystalpunk. I've always liked settings with this detail, i don't know even why.

Really nice game, I fell in love with character creation, specifically how multiclassing is built into the game. I'm a big fan of it, mixing different classes feels just so fascinating for me, and here it's not even optional. Although mb it's would be a good idea to add class whose specialty is controlling a battlefield? 

Definitely picking up this for my next solo game, thank you for your work!

Yess, cannot wait for it ♡

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Best game ever. Every ttrpg enthusiast should play it. I have a nasty anxiety writing comments (whyyy, creators love comments, even short ones, I know it myself, so whyyy) and this game helps me to overcome it. Priceless. Impeccable. I love it with every fiber of my soul. 

I'm only in the beginning of a long, long path, but hey, everyone starts somewhere.

Also I suggest adding points for adding games to public collections, I for example like to see how people categorize my games. Also it's the most popular way to get at least some way of feedback for me, soooo...

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I dearly love this game, it got me into ttrpgs, now I play them nearly every day and even make them. Thank you for your work.

Very atmospheric game, thank you for your work!

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Hands down one of the best solo games that I've played.

Skill test is truly unique and engaging. 

I want to see this game in every short list of "solo games to try out", because damn, it should be.

Thank you for the game, additional things make it even more engaging.

Good game, with addition of simple but enriching mechanics. Thank you for community copies!

Layout is genuinely impressive, it's beautiful yet readable.  Mood is also captured pretty well. Thank you for the game!

thank you 

Like the title says. It is public, has a cover and it's not a placeholder.

This one -

Oh, thank you, I'm really glad you find this concept interesting!

Yeah, you have to draw a card, and if this card is 5 or 6 then you draw 5 or 6 dominoes.

Seems I need to clarify rules a bit, sorry for inconvenience

This game is awesome, thank you for making it ❤

Thank you, i hope you'll like it❤

Thank you, i hope you'll enjoy it❤

Awesome. Thank to you as well ❤

thank you! ❤ I hope you'll enjoy  this little game. Also i like your idea to combine it with the 1000 year old vampire, I think I'll do the same now, and may be add some other games.

ohhhh thank you!

It was very interesting to read, and I'm so glad you've enjoyed this little game. Also, your move with the king - so satisfying, he got what he deserves and now cannot harm anyone, perfect.

And your dominoes and cards are so cool ❤

Would you mind if I add link to your post in the game description?

Oh, that's cool! I hope you'll enjoy this hame, waiting  for your thoughts about  it 👀

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Thank you! Yeah, i currently develop couple of short solo  games and I use this mechanic like that - player uses cards to determine what's gonna happen next, and some cards allow you to gather ingredients.

Thank you for your thoughtful comment ❤

And for the game itself