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Obczailam wszystkie nawet najnowsza czesc. jedyne co lepsze to duch z pentagramu i skipowanie gadki


Game was scary but more scary is bad voice acting.

Ok, I won't

uncancell it.

get windows 10 or 11

I cant even use camera and Daz couldnt even open box because it froze

file doesnt exist lol

no u



i dont like jumpscares and hard games

whats wrong with itchio? you pay for drm free game. why you want a drm game that can go down any day?

dont you see the exe file or are you the gen z guy

make me

Download exe where

butt youre not life

Much terrible? I think its more terrible

A horror game for beginners

Well I dont like to be scared even in safe space

Where download

>5 year old loves siren head
jeez, when i was 5 i was reading books not playing horror games. 
And why its ok for 5 year old to play horror games or any other games instead of being outside playing in sand box or idk but not to watch pron? like whats the difference if kid watch horror game or pron?


Too much zombies not enough jumpscares

you did it. you crazy sob you did it

ur welcome

>help you relax
choose one

I dont want to play in browser. i want exe

How do i download it

there is no game 

this would be better if it would be downloadable

how about now lol

sooo wheres the download button?

Im really sorry and I apologize for my behavior. I love and appreciate your game. I could read the fan fic but having it as a game is way better.