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Oh my god, PLEASE add control changing. The game is completely impossible otherwise.

why are there only 4 beatable levels like why program 11 levels if you cant even play them

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good idea but horrible execution, the game is already unironically impossible at level 2

edit: nvm i thought you have to bring the guard with you

also does anyone know how to get the sushi in level 6

good game but sometimes it just randomly spawns me in an enemy when genres are being switched

this is the worst game i have ever seen.

mediocre game but what the hell are those hitboxes i hit them right in the middle and it just goes through

Seriously, the puzzle to get to the white room was THE BEST puzzle I've ever played in any video game. The feeling I got when I understood how to use every single room to reach the final floppy disk was just unexplainable. Fantastic game! :)