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O jogo é meu. Até parece que só o asset se torna um jogo. @GaviaoPena 
anyway, eu não tinha visto esta "regra" de não uso de assets pagos que são liberados para uso pessoal e comercial.
Bom evento para vocês :)

cool little game :D well done!

Hey guys!

My name is Rodolfo and I'm from Brazil. Last year I participated in a Game Jam of 7 days. After that I posted it on Game Jolt and I received a lot of good feedback's.
But the problem was, at that time I was working at two jobs and didn't had time to working on the game, so after a few months I found a indie publisher to help me in the journey.

Now I'm working again on it, I had to start it from zero, because the game jam project was a really mess, so now I want write / record all the development process of the game, so, I started to devblog here:

I even created the Forum, so we can talk with each other, promote our games, find jobs, etc ... do not be shy <3

I made the first post just now:

Twitter: rodolfodth
Facebook: Try. Die. Repeat.
Forum: Try. Die. Repeat.
Twitch: rodolfodth
Game Jolt: Try. Die. Repeat.
Devblog: Try. Die. Repeat.