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Many thanks, I'll keep giving all the feedback i have as I continue playing.

Have a nice day!

Hey! Thanks for the lightning fast response. 

I indeed deleted both my save and progress in the options menu, but the tutorial didn't seem to happen again, maybe i'll check it out again.

Also about the positioning: you say that i can attack with a unit that is the furthest from the frontline column as long as there's no other unit in the same row?

Hi there! I just tried the game and I have to say I'm impressed by the premise, gameplay and aesthetics of the game, very very promising!

Now, I've done the tutorial but there's some things that I need a little guidance:

I don't know how positioning affects cards (i know the tutorial told me how to, but can't remember because I didn't read carefully).

Also what are Exhausted and Refreshed units?

And finally, is there a way to redo the tutorial?

Thanks, and keep up the good work!