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I just released my first asset pack! To celebrate that launch, the pack is 40% off for just 2 weeks ! Check the trailer below (underneath that is a link to the itch download page). Thanks for looking!


Thanks for the review.

Yes as it was a game jam I didn't find the time to give any feedback for the game over, so for a 72 hour game it just exists to serve it's purpose. I'm working on an expanded version that fixes this as well as adding challenges you can complete. This means if you struggle with the game there are challenges there, and if you figure out the holy grail of upgrade order and technique there will be challenges there for you too. There is no wrong or right way to play the game, but the additional objectives will serve to challenge players of all skil levels.

Thanks a lot!

Only Windows at the moment as I don't have a mac and I need one to create a mac build :(

Thanks so much!

You might want to fix your link, they both go to Gfycat :)


Click the image or link below to play! Any feedback will be reciprocated :)

Hey jammers! This LD held two firsts for me: it was my first ever game jam and also the first thing I've ever created in GameMaker Studio 2! I was really anxious but also excited to challenge myself! I'd love to hear any feedback on my entry "Don't Kill Death (Or Die Trying)".

I recorded my screen for the entire process and I'll be turning it into a timelapse video when I get some time :)

I had a gruelling, stressful, and amazing time and I can't wait for the next LD! I feel it will become something of an addiction now and a great way to bust out of any creative ruts.

Thanks for checking out and I'll appreciate any feedback; if you would like me to play and rate your game on the LD site as well just let me know and I'll have a look!

On trying to install the HopeGoldo.otf I get a Windows error stating that it isn't a 'valid font file'. The TrueType version appears to be okay but you may want to address this!

If you downloaded Skeleton Key through the itch app, it won't launch if you press the launch button. Make sure you click the "Open Local Files" option on the launch page for the collection. Thanks!

Thanks man! Much appreciated :)

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Oops! Edited, thanks :)

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SKELETON KEY is a collection of games prototypes, music, videos and more that I've made over the last 5 years.

It's available for a free download or Pay What You Want (if you want to support my work!).
Here is the trailer:

Thanks for checking it out!