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Thank you!

So much work went into this game! Truly one of the best submissions I tried, in terms of "Fun".

I really enjoyed smashing that window. And the fact that it tells you what you'll get to do once you reach a certain score (e.g. Chainsaw at 30) really keeps you engaged!

I would add some sort of indication as to where your closest "friend" is, since it's a bit tedious to find them when you're really little (like for a score lower than 5, let's say).

Other than that, really great submission! Be proud!

I love the graphics! I would play a similar full-release game, tbh. 

I like the low perspective, kind of reminds me of the old(ish) Ratatouille game.

Great submission!

Missing some instructions... but it has a nice feel to it. Sort of similar to our submission, in some ways. Check it out if you have the time!

Really cute game! I loved it!

Loved this game! It's really such a cute concept! <3

Thank you!

Genuinely my favorite game in this jam!

This game made me happy. It was so pretty and so elaborate and just amazing.

I would have loved to have an indication of how many parts I need to find, but I figured it out eventually. Other than that, perfect jam game!

Great great work!

I like the concept! Switching between characters is similar to our game (check it out if you'd like). The puzzles are interesting. Good job!

Really good work!

I like the style and the fisheye effect. The theme was very nicely incorporated. Good job!

Good job! I like it!

Fun game! I like how you incorporated things like trails and particles. Really gives more depth to the game. Good job!

Fun game! Awesome commentary! xD

Would've loved to see them moonwalking tbh :))

Funny commentary. Loved the idea of gathering kongs to please the bananas :))

Good game!

Most people already said it doesn't fit the theme and I agree...

However it was quite fun. Good job!

Yeah, our jam partner SixGames really likes the concept of a blob ;)

Thank you!

Really cool concept!

Cool game!

The shooting mechanic was a bit annoying. Other than that, great implementation! Good job!

Hey! I rated your game. Good job!

Once I found the ants (which took me an absurd amount of time), it was really entertaining. Good game!

Thank you!

Let us know what you think!

Thank you so much!

Thank you for your feedback! I will play your game!

I really like these ideas! Who knows, maybe someday...

Thank you for your comment!

Thank you!

We went through many phases with the movement, somehow landing on this one... Not the best choice 😆

Thank you for your comment! I will check out your game!

Dj Khaled... I LOL'ed. Thank you! Cool, funny game!

Interesting, creepy concept! Cool game!

Cool game!

Awesome game! Very nice work!

I really like how the rocks break into smaller pieces. Adds so much to the difficulty, but also to the graphics in general. Good game!

Thank you! I am checking yours out right now!