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Ah ha! Thank you! Winzip!!! Used that last about 20 years ago! :)

Thanks for getting back to me. Just tried it again and got the same message. So basically I am creating a WEB GL app from Unity. Zipping up that folder and uploading the zip. I have a game on here already and tried to copy the same settings but sadly doesn't work. Here is a screenshot of my settings https://gyazo.com/9b1bef1ede1e08bda8bce668ca797387. The game is Infinite Drift. It does look different when I upload it compared to my other game as it has boxes I can tick next to the download which the other one doesn't. Ive tried checking the boxes but still doesn't work. Any help much appreciated.

Im having this problem today :(

What can I say other than I love it but want more cars on track. Top down racing game with good physics. I think the camera is abit far away on some of the tracks though. But yes need more cars on track if a lap is going to take 40+ seconds. Im guessing your working on the menu as I didn't find it :)

I presume you mean windows XP? Isn't that 10 years old? Web builder has been removed from Unity 5. WebGL is now the only option in Unity 5 for building to a webpage. (As far as im aware.)

Nice game good job! Top down racers still have life in them! Reminds me of Supercars if your old enough to remember it. Would like to have more cars in a race though.