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I think it might be a PNG gamma issue. It might be messing up the image that tells the game where the door is. Unfortunately I can't patch it while the games are being judged, so maybe try with a different browser?

I like the lighting in the cave! I only got to the lake though. It would benefit from diagonal movement I think, zig-zagging around obstacles is a bit slow. The robot and environment art was good!

Nice! its simple, but tricky enough to balance the things. Is there an end?

Nice. low resolution monochrome 3d is hard dude, congrats on the raycaster. I found the higher FPS much easier to play at

I'm not usually into the genre, but I played until the end!

31 this time. I think I'd like to see it as a multiplayer game (like those famous .io games) but it could ruin the charm.

A time-based mode, level editor, and even cart racing would be cool.

I dunno, I love it the way it is! ⛳

So Fun


Great idea! and cool transitions too

Great use of the theme!

Great use of the theme!

Yeah, I only realised it's broken on Firefox after I submitted. I can sort that out after the game jam.

The white outlining of the sprites made then stand out against the background. Good job on making a clear and udnerstandable game (and fun)

I died a lot, so the slow "game over" screen got pretty annoying

I was excited to see another 3d game. I feel like the wireframe approach worked much more than dithering in my game.

My mind would have been blown if i had this game on a real 3310. I enjoyed the puzzle, and it has a cool vibe (have you ever played "golf questionmark"?) I think I messed up somewhere because i got stuck with no other option than to go back to the start (or more likely that I missed something)

This took me a few tries and I still didn't finish it. I'll come back and try it again.

I like the different types of buttons (toggle-when-you-step-on-it, lever, timer). The 3 versions of the same mechanic made it easy to understand, but still quite tricky to use without getting yourself stuck.

I also like the pirate's walking animation

I got 92 on the house after a few tries, and 'S' at the target range!

Once I worked out that you could switch between in and out to shoot items, it became much more fun.

The music was fun, and all the different little items were great (does the key do anything?). Good job with the modelling and music 👌

My rating? This game blows! (and sucks) 😉

I beat it (on easy). The bombs were the hardest part for me.

I enjoyed the music, and the tiny pico-8 graphics . The minigames were a fun way to beat the baddies along the way.

Good job!

Thanks SkyCharger. I've consolidated the good levels from those worlds into a new bonus world. at the end 

Now you can finally beat the king level and get to it!

Thanks for playing!