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Other than the art, sure. Art is subject to other licenses I mentioned in the project description.

By the way, you can also use another tool we created "Character Creator" if you need a more detailed solution. It's also free to use. Here:

By the way, if you manage to release your game, let me know. I'd love to see how it worked out for you.

Thank you for the coverage Jupiter. Try Motus when you need to relax. It should help :)

Glad it helped :)

Thank you Rob. Hope I can come up with a prototype soon. I'm struggling to find some time to work on the game but I managed to put some of the mechanics in their place.

Here are some of the assets I've created so far. It's the first time I'm creating my own assets and it's been fun! I guess I'll start sharing something more when I put together a prototype that I'm OK with.

You can find many different solutions to get your object oriented classes going in Lua but as an experienced Corona developer, I would suggest something like this:

local function createEnemy()

local enemy = display.newImageRect(....)

enemy.isAttacking = false

enemy.valueHealth = 100


return enemy


It's pretty much what you've discovered with the tables but I wanted to include an example here.

Thank you for the detailed review danisobo :)

Actually, there is no way to "beat" the game since there is no single ending or an "ending" in classical sense. Your choices direct you to a different ending if you get things right. I haven't got the time to explain how it works or the correct way to make it work but the whole idea relies on this:

After the end of voting period, I'll be looking into those issues. Thanks for pointing them out.

Started playing 15 minutes ago and I'm already more successful than I ever was.

11/10 would play again.

Hats off to you! That's great work and the challenge is real. I'll try to get hard levels done now.

I just can't get past the third one. Tried 5 times but no luck. I guess I'm not good at this but it doesn't change the fact that it's a nice idea.

Really enjoyed this game. Like Saffer86 said, that could turn into a full game with more content and simpler controls.

Thank you authorwjf :)

That might be the worst thing I've done to this day...

Thank you for the coverage Jupiter. As I mentioned in the Twitter, I've uploaded more builds for PC and Android for demonstration purposes. Thank you for pointing that out :)

That's probably because we weren't able to write down a better description. We are really sorry for the confusion. We will come up with a better description and include a tutorial in the following releases.

We didn't have the time to include a tutorial this week but we decided to alter the score system to make the gameplay more rewarding. You get 5 points when you complete a "green - yellow - red" sequence and get 10 more when you complete the second part of the sequence which is "red - yellow - green". It may not be the final decision on the scoring system but we think it's more reasonable.

We'd love it if you play the latest version and share your opinion with us.

thank you

Hi everyone!

We decided to move row to her new page on our official Sleepy Bug Studio page. You can now download and follow row related stuff on her official page. Here ->

row community · Created a new topic Version 0.1
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This post is a bit late since I just decided to group comments in discussion boards.


- row is a prototype game in development!

- We cut sequences in half and changed the score system a bit. Now you get 5 points when you complete a simple cycle of "green - yellow - red". If you manage to complete the second part of the sequence "red - yellow - green", you will get 10 points more.

- Added score multiplier. Now you get more points when you complete sequences.

- Game gets faster as you build up your score multiplier.

Glad the game is getting better and harder with the updates :) I'm also shocked by your scores people. I hardly pass 450 and you're all bragging about 2k-3k. Not cool!